my colorful cupcake made with load of love
There was once a group of men
namely from a force who fights fire
they got stuck in the office for days
stranded like little toads in a well

with nothing fun to do 
and nothing interesting to see
and then comes the Big Momma
she is very hungry and greedy
she suggested to the Big Poppa toad
lets go get some KARIPAP
and Poppa toad replied cheerfully
why not
we haven't been having any fun anyway
lets make it an activity for the Little Kids
and there goes the group of men
heading to the confectionary
looking like kindergarten kids
they got a tour of the place
and manage to do some hands on pizza
and decorate their cupcakes
knowing that they haven't hand good food
for over a week
they bought more KARIPAP home to enjoy
they had a time of their life
but little that they know
as they are having fun out of office
some where out there
some ones house was on fire
Command And Staff Training Center Spice Outing
no toads were injured during the make of this activity
no house was on fire that day
everyone enjoyed the confectionary tour


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