Twenty Thirteen
Who would have thought we survived twenty twelve
For some reason I feel blessed to still be alive
And as the new year is welcomed
I managed to cleanse myself and my thoughts
And I accept the hundred million other living species around me
I am beginning to understand all the different walks of life
And appreciate the things I have and the problems I don't
We are all different in our own way and I understand that
We all have our own dirty little secret
But what's a secret if the whole world knows about it
So this Twenty Thirteen I plan to make everyone come together
And understand each others needs
And not to force them to get out of their shell
But instead take care of their shell so as it won't get crushed by others
And walk every step in life together

Twenty Thirteen
It might not be the most ideal of all years
But this year is the year where I have to make big decisions
And the decisions made will affect my future rather drastically
It have all been very confusing to me
But I have always tried to put it into simpler terms to see it
Life is not hard neither is it easy
Life will be how we want it to be
And how much effort we put into it
This year will be a very long year for me
But hopefully I can start school real soon
Right after I end my service to the nation
I hope everything will go as planned

This first post of the year is for the first one ever I blogged through my mobile device.
May more post be posted this year especially when it is made this easy.

With Love

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