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23rd Surprise Birthday Bash

Time flies and little that I realized that I finally turned 23 earlier this month. Honestly, I wasn’t so looking forward to it but at the end of the day, age is just a number and it will just continue increasing till the day we depart. So this year, I really didn’t expect much out of anyone after everything me and my family have been through this past year. Definitely a whole lot of ups and downs, emotional breakdowns, new job opportunities, widening of my social circle, patch ups, break ups. It was definitely a lot to take in for a year of drama – hopefully the drama this coming year will tone down a little bit more and mostly be good drama. Well all that aside, this was the humble surprise my family coordinated for me – which I was totally caught off-guard, turns out to be quite a success. So here’s the story and who made the guest list.

It was a typical Saturday morning with not much planned on my schedule other that my monthly facial treatment and fat freeze treatment (don’t ask me why I need fat freeze, apparently I am fat – nah it was all sponsored). Breakfast went as per normal, nothing really seemed different as my mom will always cook up something in the morning. So I went off for my 200 minutes treatment and planned to meet up with my sister after that for dinner. And within that 200 minutes they got to put everything in place before I arrived, there was definitely a hell of a frenzy happening while I was in my deep state of rest.

So this was what happened before, Initially their plan was to have ma sleepover at M hotels – M loft when they realized it is too small to even hold a small party for 5 people. So two days before, they was this frantic need to change of venue (its every event planners nightmare). But everything went on quite smoothly with a little Indian drama. And it came to the decision to book the Grand Room over at the Swissotel Stamford Singapore. Possible of the bigger rooms you can get and getting an almost panoramic view of Singapore with two balconies. So their preparation began and with all the balloon blowing, cake fetching, food arranging, guest coordination etc etc.

When the time came, I went over to to Raffles city right after my appointment, still in my naive mode, thinking i am just going for a simple dinner over at some restaurant – perhaps Asia Market at Fairmont as it is Halal certified. My sister insisted we walk around with me blindfolded and knowing that I know Raffles City floor layout by heart, she decided to make rounds and rounds until I just didn’t bother thinking where I was – well I lost track actually, last I remembered was when i was in front of the escalator down near Brooks Brothers.

I was then brought up into a lift to I don’t know where. Next thing I know, I was in the room with everyone staring at me, well that was the perfect moment to scream out “The party don’t start till I walk in”. And the party started.

Them who were involved and present:

 My direct family members – Mom & Dad, Zahir & Arini, Adilah and Zahirah. Thank you so much for coordinating this for me, It really caught me off guard knowing that I am the kind of person who is very hard to surprise. I am very sure Aunt Kalsom and her daughter was part of this mastermind. So big big thank you to all of you and thank you for the sweet gift, loving the yellow box, you guys know me extremely well. 

My closest relatives – Apah & Mama Hussien, Mami Ain & Mama Adam, Aunt Zarina entire family  Your presence is much appreciated and sparing some time to enjoy the party, thank you too for all the well wishes for the family.

My Girlfriends – Yasmin, Azmira, Amalin and Zuhairah. Thank you all for coming over, knowing all your buzy schedules and exams, it means so much that you girls came to celebrate my simple 23 with me. I know my sister told you girls don’t have to do anything, just come, and yet you came with Krispy Kreme! Thank you so much for that double dozen and thanks Yasmin for the gift before this! 

My Boyfriends – Zulfadli, Shahnizam & Hafiz (on Google Hangout). Always fashionably late, but the party wouldn’t be complete without you guys. Thank you for being present at the party and thank you for the humble white box. Also knowing your exam period and buzy work schedule, it means so much that you still make some time to spend with me on my special day.

Well, That’s all folks, the story on my humble day celebrated with all my favorite people fourty seven floors up. The celebration was also a connected celebration for my sister and my parents anniversary. Thank you so much again, I have such a beautiful family and so many that cares so much about me. Big thanks to them who planned it all for me – MegaMasterMinds. I feel so blessed. And yes, this is how I woke up this morning. #iwokeuplikethis #allmessedup

With lots of love XXAA.

Before I end this post, do check this video out which I played the SWAT leader. We are in the planning stage to make more of this. So do check his Youtube Channel and subscribe to it, he does a lot of other videos too including that I posted in my previous post. Do check it out and comment on it maybe on how you want the story to continue!

باركك الله


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