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50 Shades of Grey

50 Shades of Grey, a 2011 erotic romance novel written by a British author, E.L. James is currently the talk of the season. For them who have read the series of novel, including myself, never would have expected that this movie would ever be screened due to the R rated contents. Not until Univeral Pictures  and Focus Features announced that they are going to produce a film adaptation of the novel, it definitely got me all excited, and I am sure you are too. And today, the erotic movie is out on the screens specially released on everyone’s favorite day to celebrate love, Valentine’s Day 2015. The Film premiered at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival on February 11 was believed to have a lot of negative reviews, but I believe such films are really up to ones perception and motive of understanding the storyline.

Over 100 million of the novels series sold worldwide and today we are off to watch the all anticipated movie of the year, a very controversial one. For them who have watched, congratulations, hopefully you did not wet your pants (in any way) while watching it coz I did sanitize my seat before screening the extremely hot movie – nah the various sex scene only lasted  about 20 minutes anyways. So don’t put your hopes up guys, and girls make sure you keep and eye on your boys. There are several lady frontal scenes and butt scenes so do be prepared and watch the movie with the right people. Do take note, they banned this movie in Malaysia as it is deems more of a porn movie rather than an erotic romance movie. Oh well, it’s their loss anyway. 

So I’m not going to spoil the movie for you, through this blogpost but I am just going to give a short review of what I think about it. The movie was directed by the well known directed by Sam Talor-Johnson with a screenplay by Kelly Marcel. The erotic movie features the very sexy Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele who claims off screen that she is not afraid to show off their body even though it is not in the most perfect shape, well I would call her healthy shaped though. She also added that every woman should love their body when interviewed on E! Entertainment channel. Anastasia, who played a college graduate in the movie was in a sadomasochistic relationship with a young, handsome and innocent looking business magnate, Christian Grey, played by Jamie Dornan. Jamie who seemed very comfortable playing dominant Christian Grey in the movie was said to be extremely chill and relaxed when on set of the movie with Dakota Johnson. Well with that body, I’m sure I would be comfortable stripping anywhere.

All in all, I feel the movie is definitely somewhat between average and above average range even though it rather slow, I definitely feel reading it is better as my imagination is extremely wild and I get to choose who I want to imagine it about, oh wells. In the movies, what I see is an interpretation of one (or a small group of people) screened into a film. But in my mind, my imaginations are allowed to run free and as wild as possible without being Rater R. But the difference is that I wouldn’t be able to see it on the screens unless I act it out myself. Oh well, I am also glad that MDA (Media Development Authority) Singapore did not cut out any scenes out of the movie, which explains the Rated-21 movie rating. Well I’m sure for any movie with full frontal will get that rating. 

So would I suggest you to watch it? Yes, don’t wait to watch it at home, your mom might think you’re watching porn then, a very kinky one that is. It is definitely not the usual kind of movie you watch every other weekend. It is rather deep if you are not watching for the sex part that is. So go ahead and check it out on your local cinema. I can’t wait for the sequel planned to be released in 2016, it makes me feel like I want to re-read the trilogy all over again. Argh!

Hope you guys have enjoyed the movie and share the same though as me, if not, do share your thoughts with me! Ciao and happy Valentines Day Bitches! I will leave you guys with the official movie trailer by Universal Pictures. 


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