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Greetings patrons on Earth. Over the past week, I have been rather caught up with work. And even when payday just past, it really didn’t feel like it was a special occasion. Everyone in the office seems to be tied down with work and the tight dateline. And as a responsible employee, I take my work quite seriously and having a fair share of construction drawings to get done. Honestly,  I feel super underpaid, but at the same time, I don’t want to ask for too much knowing that i am still on the refresher stage. But I think I am catching up fine. I was recently asked if I would be interested to move up to be part of the FF&E team which narrows my work greatly to material selection, fittings and furniture. That to me is a step up from just being a CAD designer, which is what I truly am now. I have yet to give any specific answer to agreeing that position, but I did mention I am interested. Although half my heart says it’s a lot more work over there. I really feel that it is a great opportunity for me to broaden my scope of creativity. But its all in the process of learning, thats what I feel. And so work continues tomorrow and I am really trying my best to make this routine comfortable for myself. I am still working on that though. 

Well apart from work, I would like to wish my two darlings, Zuhairah and Amalina, a very happy birthday. I really hope you had and going to have a very nice birthday. Haj is coming, more birthdays are coming, including mine, and my bank account is at a serious all time low. My six year old Acer that I am now using to blog is really gonna die anytime soon. So I better make this post quick. And I need a Ipod Nano in Red. All this thing I burning more holes in my already shallow pocket. Sigh. Hopefully my next post is gonna be all happy stuff. Till we meet again. Toodles.

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