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Adventure Time – Journey Back Home

It have been quite some time since I decided to spend some time walking aimlessly. But recently, I found the opportunity to do so with my sister. The funny thing was that we are usually up for such adventures during fasting month, where our energy level is usually at its lowest. But oh well, we still did it at the end of the day. The journey that began from Sengkang initially was to collect something that my sister purchased online, when we had this crazy idea to take the bus to Punggol to check out the waterfront – which is my my virgin trip, so I barely know anything.

Upon reaching @ Punggol – the name of the place apparently. Under the scorching sun, my neck burning and my dri-fit tees feel like its was just hot ironed. we made our way to the ‘thatch’ area where many hipster instagramers love to get some of their photos shots there.  That area which is right beside the not so well known Lorong Halus Bridge, which then got to me that Lorong Halus is actually very near to Tampines – which was when we decided not to walk the the torturous way back to Punggol. Instead we forge ahead blindly towards “we are not so sure where”.

And The Journey Back Home Begins…

*we are not so sure why we decided to record this moment, but we hope you would enjoy our goofiness*

And We Got Home Safely and Extremely Thirsty.



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