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All Time Low

everybody talks, everybody talks. but

what do they really know about me?

they speak and the gossip. and again

what do they really know about me?

i have tried my best to keep quiet about my life

i tried to live a low profiled life.

nothing materialistic and nothing luxurious

everything i do is a need and not a want

its hard trying to do so, especially after 

living the average high life for quite some time

but when slowly things come crumbling down

i kept calm and as much as possible,

maintain my standard of living.

but as time slowly make its way and became reality

i really had to lower my expectations

and i was really hit with the all time low

who knows? nobody?

i kept it all to myself

praying day by day that it will all heal

and hoping it will sooner or later get better.

they say, good things don’t last forever

and they also say, bad thing wont stick around forever too.

i believe that good things take time

but a hell load of effort is needed to achieve it.

and so lately i’ve managed to accomplished some things for good.

design have been part of me all my life

living like a nomad and adapting to the current design trend

i’d was offered to design a logotype for a new simulation for SCDF

its now in the process of developing 

and will soon be up as the systems feature.

i’ve also worked on the center’s tee-shirt design

but its by far still at its working stage.

i’m left with about 48 days till my end of service to the force

and something i am really happy happened

i managed to get my class 3 license witting my time in NS

i thank God for all His generous givings.

even when i am at the all time low

good things is worth working my ass off for.

till we meet again, hopefully with a pending better news. 


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