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Asian Couture Federation Gala

Greetings fashion world

I know I have been out of the spotlight for quite some time, I have been busy with a lot of work relation all the way in Saudi Arabia but I wouldn’t miss this chance to to attend the Asian Couture Federation After party held at the beautiful ballroom over at Marina Bay Sands Singapore organized by Fide Fashion Weeks yours truly, Dr Frank Cintamani and his team

The gala and party was held to commemorate Asian couture designers and to thank them for all the amazing creation and also to feature upcoming seasons collections which I will put up a video of at the end of the blogpost. Ofcourse what is a Fashion party without the familiar faces, after all it is just another reason to lose yourself with the people in the same industry. So here are some of them that I bumped into.

As the party went on and on and literally started loosing track of time, that was when the photo taking stops.  but that does not mean I did not have the chance to shoot the MCM runway show for you guys to watch it. So go ahead and enjoy the show! Im gonna start preparing for a busy December now! Stay tuned!



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