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Burj Khalifa – Dubai

Ever wanted to feel like you are on top of the world without lifting your feet of the ground, or without jumping of a plane? Well this is one place you can definitely feel that way. Standing proudly at 828 meters tall in Downtown Dubai, surrounded by 27 acre of park and 30 acre of man made lake housing the worlds largest choreographed fountain system, Burj Khalifa is definitely a trophy tower of the city. I will not brag so much about the tower world records and details as I have wrote about it in my earlier post, this post will have more of what you will be able to see from below the tower, to ‘At the top’ of the Burj Khalifa.

This neck straining tower is well know for its ‘buttress’ architecture, a simple yet effective way of building super skyscrapers effectively and obviously, safe. It is said to be (and its definitely true) that you are unable to see the spire of the tower when standing close to the tower. It just seems to fade into the skies.

There are different point of views you can get from and of this tower. Most will capture this tower from far to get a snapshot of the entire tower, some might want to stay in the tower itself. For people like me, I make sure I get to see the best of both worlds. Therefore, I booked seats to watch the New Years Eve countdown celebration and watch the fireworks blast on and around the tower! Just make sure that when you make seat reservations, you get to view the fireworks, make a quick survey of the rates of different location and restaurants which offers a good view. Although the rates are usually the same, the views are obviously different! Do recce the area and pick the right one!

 Located between the ground and the 39th floor houses the well known Armani Hotel. A luxury brand hotel that will definitely not disappoint even though it only takes up the lower floors. If you really want to get a view and dine in luxury, At.mosphere is the place to go. Located on the 122th floor, two floors below the common observation deck, you can get an amazing unobstructed view of the entire city. On the other hand, if you have a whole lot of spare change, The Residence goes up to the 108th floor. Thus, you can wake up every morning with the city under your feet!

Well if you can’t afford staying over and the Armani Hotel or your boss is not keen to sponsor your outstation accommodation over at the The Burj Khalifa Residence, you can ofcourse buy a ticket up to the observation deck on the 124th floor (lower ob). My suggestion, get tickets up to view the sunrise or sunset. It is an amazing and breathtaking sight when I got to see the first light myself.

 In 2014, right after Canton tower in Guangzhou opened up its does to the worlds highest observation deck at 488 meters high, beating the current lower observation deck at Burj Khalifa at 452 meters, they decited to take the opportunity to open up another deck named the SKY level located at 555 meters above ground regaining its title of home to the worlds highest observation deck. Better still, both observation decks have an outdoor balcony and let me warn you, the early morning can get quite chilly!

So that’s all folks for my trip over to the ‘At the Top – Burj Khalifa’.See you next time!


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