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Dare to Dream

I know I have been missing in action for quite some time. And I doubt I have any acceptable reason for doing do. I have been very caught up in camp as usual trying my best to impart all my knowledge to my successor. And knowing that having a useless working partner is not helping, I have to make myself twice as efficient to do it right. But as far as I am concerned now, my successor is ready as much as how ready I was when my senior left me. So you might ask what have changed ever since I last blogged. Well, if you have been following me closely on twitter, you should have already known. And as much as I am on twitter, I am also quite active on Facebook, it’s just that lately, I don’t bother to update my status to what ever that’s new. I’m more of on the spot twitter kinda dude. Life have been hard on me lately, though most of you can’t see it, but in reality, my heart is being squeezed in between two elephants. Well, at least half my load in camp is well taken care of. Now, my motive in camp is to get fit, get toned, get buffed and get hot by the time I end my service to the nation.

And so what’s next for me you might ask, I have recently enrolled myself to a local university. Yes, you’ve guessed it, NUS is my school of choice mainly because the course I desire is there. Signed up for Architecture and also Industrial Design. I’ve always wanted to continue my passion in doing Interior architecture, but I think this time, I’m going to challenge myself and take a step up to dong something big, hopefully huge. And of course, every time we go through enrollment, just like National Service, we’re practically like a lost sheep in town. Wondering where I go, what to go, what to wear, who to meet, and all this question cannot be answered in advanced as nobody exactly knows what’s gonna happen. But as for now, I am just gonna leave that paragraph hanging as I am still waiting for the enrollment results this May.

There is also something new I enrolled myself in quite recently, I haven’t really told anyone about this yet and I don’t intend to tell anyone about it yet until its finally confirmed. I will keep all of you updated with this magic enrollment soon. But as for now, quit guessing, you will never guess it correctly.

Home, can be quite an annoying place to be sometimes, if you know what I mean. And I do mean really annoying. Most of the time, I feel as if camp is much more hospitable compared to where I am now. I’m not gonna drag this brag but let’s keep it simple, I want to fast forward life to the part I am rich and successful and no longer staying in Singapore.

The say stop dreaming big as if you don’t achieve it, it would break you know a million pieces. But to me, a dream is a dream and a dream is what I w want, no harm knowing what you really want in life, setting it as a goal and working your ass off towards it. Nobody can every stop you from dreaming, and if a dream ever breaks you, you pick yourself up and continue working towards it. So no matter what it takes to get there, I will not stop working as I know when I’m up there, down here will one day understand what I mean.

“We might live only once, but we also die once” so lets make this life a good one and start dreaming big and don’t let anyone stop you from dreaming.

“To dream is to believe”


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