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Digital Fashion Week 2014

Digital Fashion Week 2014 came with a bang this year with the theme European Exchange. A whole lot bigger than that of last years event, this year, the event was held at the brand new National Design Center, located in the heart of Singapore.  Unlike any other major fashion festivals, DFW brings out a flow of fresh and off the strip designers. There designs which usually takes a bigger leap of risk might somewhat look controversial and yet always pleasing to the viewers especially form the fashion and media industry. Well as much as I can brag about all the designers looks and presentations (which i usually do in my previous fashion festivals blogposts), I suggest you do that yourself on Digital Fashion Week Official Website or their Youtube Channel yourself. This time around I am gonna share with you about the closing party at the British High Commissioner’s Residence, Eden Hall and after party at Asia’s best Alfresco Bar and Club, 1 Altitude / Altimate Singapore. The event which happened on my birthday was definitely a day to share some happiness as it marks the end of DFW European Exchange, Singapore.

So here it goes. The Closing party at the British High Commissioner’s Residence, Eden Hall. 

A residence with such opulence, Every corner, an art. Every area, an experience. I feel so privileged to even be able to step into the residence of His Excellency, Mr Antony Phillipson. His pieces of Art spans from amazing watercolor paintings of old Temasek to William Farquhar and even the Queens Painting. Artists that includes the well known Bob Matthews and Jane Walker were also displayed to add to the homes elegance.

And of course what is and event without getting a photo with His Excellency, Mr Antony himself. He is well known to be such a charming man and you can feel his warm welcome as he greets you upon entering the Eden Halls doors.

This years Digital Fashion Week also features the worlds oldest supermodel, Carmen Dell’Orefice but I did not manage to grab hold of her to get a shot with. Well at least we got a shot with the beautiful Sheena Liam, winner of Asia’s Next Top Model cycle 2, a representative from Malaysia. Such a beautiful lady she is.

And we continued mingling with people we already know, we bump into new people, and we bump into old friends. That is one of the reasons why I love such parties. I gives us time and space to interact and catch up for at least a little bit. Cheers to more of such events.

And you might already know him, if you dont, go bury you head in the ground! David Guison from Manila, Phillipines. A well known lifestyle, travel, fashion. fitness blogger. Such an all rounded man and yet still humble and approachable. It was great getting to know him, until we meet again!

Even the crew from MNC Fashion TV (Indonesia) is around to get the inside scoop of  Digital Fashion Week 2014, nothing compares to a good publicity across countries. You need to feed those fashion greed! Kudos to them who is always on their toes to give us all the relevant information needed, especially when you are unable to make it there.

Not forgetting the very humble and yet stern with is thoughts, Mr Thomas Wee. A local Singapore Designer who have been around in this industry for over 35 year. And still going strong, Mr Wee definitely have an eye of a critique when he spoke to us about the shows and fashion nowadays. Although I cant deny his comments, I shall leave it to the public eye as such comments are rather of an individual perception.

What is a party without a group shot and some random clicks before we head off to 1Altitude for the after party. Images above includes Charina Widjaja, Zulfadli Yazab, James See, Blake Myers, Rana Wehbe , Yuki Lange, Justin Bratton and Gab Tan.

And the party goes on and on and on at Altimate with such great panoramic view of Singapore.

And with that, its an amazing end to a beautiful and memorable fashion festival.

XXAA Digital Fashion Week 2014 – European Exchange 



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