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Digital Fashion Week 2015

Hey guys! I hope you are doing great as the year comes to an end. And as most would know, year end is my busiest days of the year. Honestly, i am in no momentum right now to write about this and well, I am quite sure you know what DFW is all about by now. 

Year by year, I attend different parts of the event from the opening party, to fashion shows, to closing ceremony at the British High Commissioner Residence. By now, I am quite sure I’m a pro photographer without the DSLR. Snapping in the speed of light and yet looking poised as how I always put myself out there. 

And so this year I have decided not to post any photos or clips from the show, I leave that to the official photographers and videographers for Digital Fashion Week 2015. You can find out more at their website as follows.

So once again, thank you DFW for having me, although I feel rather invisible this year as I wasn’t feeling so well and yeas, I am always busy. I am literally packing my bags ready to head out for my next event as I blogged about this event! So I apologise if you think this post is crap, yet i still hope you enjoy all the photos taken from my camera. 😉

Ciao Bitches!


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