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Dilaizet Ritz 21st Birthday Bash

Even with the super tight working schedules and many overlapping events happening all at the same time, I just thought thats this would be a good year to throw my sister a very intimate and luxurious 21st birthday bash. Planning which began almost over a month obviously was the toughest decision to make – The Venue! Having the need to consider the number of people attending and the location of the venue, everything just needs to be in place perfectly. And with so many choices available, the answer became quite obvious when I decided to go for my sisters dream hotel to have a staycation at – Ritz Carlton Millenia Singapore.

The perfect location with the best view from all around the suite and amazing service from all the staff who always goes the extra mile whenever I stay over at any Ritz Carlton in the world. I would like to personally that Ms Nurulhuda Tuah for personally doing the extra mile to make my sisters birthday an extremely special one and assisting me in the rooms decoration. It definitely did cut a lot of my preparation time as my sisters arrival was scheduled to be early as she have an event after this surprise event, what did I say about overlapping event earlier right…

The theme was simple based on three colour contrast idea – Emerald Green, Pearl White and Gold. Somewhat royal, yet I got the idea from the cake I ordered specially made for the future Malay Language teacher to be – Kamus Dewan (Edisi Keempat). Hence all the decoration followed forth. Even Ritz carlton did do their part throwing in white heart-shaped balloons which filled up the room perfectly.

On the day of the event, my sister who have yet to know that we are having a party left the house so late that I had to literally dress up in 5 minutes – thank god for National Service training making that possible. Yet I was still not that late, late enough to be fashionable, thats for sure. But other than that, everything fell in place perfectly. 

For more details about how the party went, do check out my sister’s recount from her perspective on her blog!


Happy 21st birthday to you. I know it have been years since i did a nice gesture for you on your birthday and unfortunately/fortunately, this year your 21st birthday falls during the fasting month, and I hope you didn’t mind me organising your birthday party way ahead, although I do think it is one of the factors that caught you by surprise. So this 21st birthday, I hope you enjoyed soaking in the tub with a view, sleeping in a suite with the perfect view of Singapore’s skyline around you closest friends and relatives. You should know we love you a lot no matter the crazy things we say and do. And the fact that with all this mixed emotions going around, you are still standing strong and not giving up, it really inspires me to be better myself. We all surely know we are not perfect, but i must say i am blessed to have a sister who always have my back to do the stupidest things in the world!

Happy 21st birthday to you, my sister, my best friend and my hijabista diva! 

God Bless! May all you dreams & wishes come true!

Thats all folks! Hope you enjoy all the snaps we have from my sisters birthday!

Special thanks to:

Ms Nurulhuda Tuah – Ritz Carlton Millenia Singapore

Harvest Well Enterprise

Cake Avenue

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