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Dubai Marina – Dubai

As we continue our journey soaking in all the Vitamin D form the amazing Arabian sun, we decided to take it all to the next level following our next tour around Dubai. Dubai never fails to surprise us when it comes to visuals, so what better way to begin our city tour than being picked up by a Lincoln Limo just for the two of us.

‘The see me rolling, they hating..’

Now I truly understand how it feels to be the one rolling rather than me usually the one hating. As we tour the city from up town to downtown and back to Dubai Marina for our Yacht Tour, we indulge in the lustrous leather seats drinking our glass of bubbly and taking in all the wonderful views Dubai got to offer with my best friend. Definitely an amazing way to just spend the day out on the streets.

As we go on with the tour around Dubai in our stretch, we were dropped off at Dubai Marina Mall where everything begins. Dubai is all about their Man Made features and this is one of them. The Marina is a 3km long artificial canal cut into the shore of the Persian Gulf. It is made to increase the shoreline and also to accommodate more than 120,000 people in the luxury villas, residences and hotels.

So we hopped on our yacht and made our journey around the Marina and out to the Palm Island. The beauty of the Gulf being so blue, a perfect reflection of the cloudless sky. As the yacht slowly cruises through and out of the marina due to the speed limits, we sat back and enjoy the view of the beautiful towers including the iconic Cayan Tower also known as the Infinity Tower. As we approached the mouth of the canal, we began to increase the speed as we head out to the Palm Island.

As we pass the beautiful island, we get to see the official Palace and the two logo island owned by the Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Where you can also spot his official ship, said to be one of the largest in the world too. 

We then head straight towards the iconic Burj Al Arab, the prestigious and only seven start hotel in the world, that’s where we managed to not do the cliche by standing at the beach to snap a photo with the building. We managed to stabilize our feet on the vessel to get a good shot of the building from the yacht itself. 

And after all that is done, We went high speed back towards the marina to really feel the cool breeze from the Persian Gulf. Definitely every second of the land and sea tour was a picturesque one.

That’s all Folks. I see you again soon for more exciting adventures!

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