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Eid Mubarak – 2015

Year by year, most of us would feel its the same thing again and again and its beginning to lose its touch of real forgiveness and and true meaning of Syawal. what is for sure, this year for me, almost nothing is as last year, not sure if its a good thing or not. But what is for sure is that I can understand the real meaning of seeking forgiveness. The depth of feelings felt is honestly not measurable.

But whether or not the celebration is the same or not for you, I am sure you are having a good time with your family, friends and relatives. So I would like to also take this opportunity to seek your forgiveness if in any case I have ever hurt your feelings knowingly or unknowingly. I am sure there are reasons as to why I acted a certain way, and if I haven’t had the chance to explain, I really hope I am forgiven for if not, you can by all means seek an explanation from me in private. I am all open this year and I have no energy to hate anyone. Given my busy work schedule, I also would like to seek double forgiveness for not being able to make time for you. I have been all about career at this point in life, knowing my rather average education level thrown into a high competition industry. So i hope you can see it form my point of view. Last but not least, I hope you will ‘Halalkan‘ all my food and drinks if ever I am in debt, please do remind me.

So this Eid, instead of the rows and rows of photos on Instagram, I would like to try to put something up on youtube. I am not sure if its nice, but this is probably what I am capable of in 1 day. I hope you guys enjoy it as it is, and may we meet again next Syawal!!

Photos added here is by far those I have visited. I may or may not upload anymore after this depends on my mood and my schedule. Do accept my apology before hand.

PS. To some of my elder relatives – aunt, uncle, etcetera. May Allah Bless you with the strength to recover and the will to pull through this tough phase. My thoughts and prayers will always be with you. Ameen InysaAllah.



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