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Salam Eid Mubarak to all my fellow muslim friends and followers from all around the world. Alhamdulilah, all praises to Allah, we have successfully completed another month of fasting. Not only controlling our desires for food but also our emotions and ego as well as increase our taqwa towards Allah SWT.

I would like to take this opportunity to seek forgiveness to all whom I have hurt, whether intentional or not. We probably will never know when our last day of life is, so I do think that it is important for me to maintain a decently neutral, if not good relationship with everyone I know.

EID posting have never been long, you have probably noticed that by now. This time will not be any different, but EID celebration itself have been slowly changing little by little as we get older. Trying to fit our schedule together as working adults to do visiting is getting a little tougher as we go along. But despite all the challenges, we did our best to pull each other together to do our visiting. I will get tougher in the future, I can foresee that. But I am sure will will somehow figure it out; InsyaAllah.

Thats all folks for this years EID celebration. The next celebration is not too far away and I hope you have had a blessed EID and i hope to see you guys soon!



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