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Etihad Towers – Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a capital well known for its peaceful streets. A place where being rowdy and unruly should not even cross your mind. A city progressing slowly at a steady pace, it wouldn’t even be in your list of places to visit before you die. That is where you are wrong and let me tell you why. 

North West Abu Dhabi. At the end of one of the most beautiful beaches in the Persian Gulf, the Corniche Abu Dhabi which was recently awarded the Blue Flag Certification stands five tall towers overlooking the Gulf. Etihad Towers, a multi-usage sky scraper standing alone creating a stunning skyline on the edge of the island. 

أبراج الاتحاد

With the tallest tower standing more than 300 meters above sea level, Etihad Towers it is the second tallest tower in Abu Dhabi after Sky tower on Al-Reem Island. The tower may look like The Sail (twin residential  towers) in Singapore but I must say, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the five towers. I have always been inspired beautiful architecture and this is probably one of which I love the most. I was in awe just looking at the much accentuated curves of the tower, what more when it reflects most of the Gulfs coastline along with its blue waters on it glass cladded facade.

Part residential, Part offices and Part hotel. So much going on in such a tiny land space, you might think that there must be such a crowd over there. That’s where you are wrong. Abu Dhabi will retain its peacefulness wherever you are and here, I will bring you up to a place you must visit when in Abu Dhabi. It is just not a complete trip without a birds eye view of the Gulf and Abu Dhabi.

Observation Deck at 300 runned by Jumeirah Group. Located on the 74th floor of tower two, 300 meters up in the air, you are able to get a panoramic view the entire city. What more is that new is not limited to just the eye constraints but there are binoculars you can use around the deck to view the city scape.

Observation Deck at 300 is not just a plain viewing point for tourists but it accommodates, to a vast variety of people which includes the business partners, celebrities and even some wealthy locals to just escape. From what? you might ask, but for a city which seems like there is very little stress, there is still vast range of silent competition going on and sitting back and relax in their million dollar mansions back yard might just not be enough. Observation Deck at 300 offers patrons a selection of pastries and delicacies throughout the day. So you will be able to sit back, relax, enjoy the view for a selection of seating area to get the view of your choice.

Apart from the Gulf, you will be able to view the construction of a new palace (ginormous I must say just by looking at the land area) and also the well known emirates palace hotel from the top of Etihad Towers. A beauty from above and from street level but since we managed to get a view of the palace from above, it was definitely stunning and one of the most amazing sights you rarely get to see if you are just driving by along the Corniche road.

And to end the the day, it would not be complete if you don’t take in the fresh air along the Corniche. We managed to rent a bike out to cycle along it and it was very refreshing. It feels like I am in some part of Florida with sky scrapers on one side and the amazing Gulf wind blowing from the other. 

So that is it folks! One place you must visit when in Abu Dhabi where not many tourist usually go (but do remember to make reservations earlier as it may be fully reserved due to limited seating).



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