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F.Club Presents F.Gorgeous

This week have been quite a long week for me. Consumed with work and deadlines and still keep a healthy lifestyle by going to the gym regularly. Then again, I always need to keep up on my social lifestyle and this time we go GaGa over Glitz and Glamour at F.Club, the worlds first Fashion Tv club at Clarke Quay Singapore. The event known as F.Gogeous Private Soirée held at F.Club is ofcourse as the name suggests, a closed door event and only the invited few were able to get access into the club.

As we all know, Fashion TV is well known internationally and I feel very honored to be able to attend to this party to show off my effortless look. Why do I say that is because this party was held over at Clarke Quay over on a Wednesday night, well known to be a Ladies night and still a work night. So pulling off a sophisticated yet elegant look to survive an entire day of work and party was a tough challenge and yet I am glad I was noted by the F.Crew looking for someone in the crowd to be named the Best Dressed. Well to me at least, being noticed was already good enough, winning is not my priority. But ofcourse, me and my boys still looks stunning and effortlessly ready to party.

Photo courtesy of CaratersTV

Paul Foster’s playlist was banging the entire dance floor and this is probably my first time looking at some weird dance moves. Probably because I this is my first Fashion themed club that I’ve been to. But then again, I definitely enjoyed the playlist by Paul. Mostly mainstream pop music, but I still enjoyed it as the deejay mixes it. With free flow of F.Champagne (which I did not consume) jammed up the entire bar and it was so hard to even get simple drinks. But then again, it is a party and it is just time to let loose and enjoy. Knowing that it is a place with deafening music, I knew I was not there to socialize. Yes ofcourse I met some familiar faces from the fashion industry, but it was less verbal and more physician for sure (okey that just sounds wrong). 

We left right before it gets a little bit too roudy. After all, it was meant to be a chill party and a really big thanks to my dear friend Z and his sources for getting us invites. I can’t wait for the next party!

Before I end this post, I did say there is another good colleague of mine leaving the company. I am really going to miss you and your speghetti. Till we meet again soon Cleody! Have a blessed marriage in Spain.



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