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Ferrari World – Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi A place where dreams becomes reality. A place so surreal for most Ferrari and Formula 1 Fans. Everything under one roof and attracting tourists from all over the world with its amazing rides and features, this 5 year old theme park by Aldar Properties (a well known real estate company with an amazing office building) have thrived and done well for itself. And as to what i have learnt, they are not stopping there, there will be more as they extend their rides and property.

Ferrari World, not exactly full on hardcore theme park as it also have many ‘attractions’ within the  86 thousand square meter park which educates patrons the history of Enzo Ferrari, Ferrari Galleries which features it vintage automobiles, Souvenir Shoppes ofcourse, Shows and many more. It is really a place where there is a little something for each and every one in the family.

Here are some tips and snapshots of the park I think might be useful for you when planning a full day trip to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. Enjoy.

Dress appropriately! Yes I understand it is a conservative country, but avoid excessively loose clothes and never wear slippers to a theme park. Covered shoes or sneakers is the best especially when riding rides with your legs hanging off the ride!

Be early! Patrons of Ferrari World are usually big fans and enthusiast of Ferrari and they will arrive early to get their hands of the tickets. It would be great if you are able to come during the of peak season to avoid queues be it at the ticketing counter or even the rides. My suggestion, opt for priority pass, it really cuts down a lot of waiting time especially on hot rides!

Get a park map! Perhaps while in the queue to get your admission bangle, pick up a map at the information desk outside the park and start planning which rides is not for you – rides that have age or height restrictions, rides which requires extra charges, rides which requires you to book a time slot, shows with scheduled timing and of course expect rides with super long queues. Planning these mentally or better still if you can strike it off you map would maximize your fun time in the park.

Get in and book a time slot for all the rides that requires a booking time! Usual waiting time can range between 2-4 hours depending on the crowd. Set a timer on your watch 15 minutes before your time slot so that you wont miss it!

Clear rides with shorter queues! I know everyone wants to ride the big coasters and usually make that is their priority, but my suggestion is get on the smaller rides and save the best for later if not last. But! in any case if the queue is very shot, get in line as soon as possible as shot queue period is usually very short between me mid afternoon to evening period.

Highlight rides includes the Fiorano GT Challenge which is the starter ride for most before going even bigger is a dual track coaster (launch and dwell) competing to reach the end! The ride features the Ferrari F430 Spider as their cars of choice for the trains, commonly used in many track racing.

The biggest highlight of the theme park is of course the worlds fastest roller coaster in the world named Formula Rossa. This rides goes from 0-240kmh in 5 seconds featuring their F1 cars as thier trains. The hydraulic launching mechanism allows it to be launched so fast within that short straight track moment enough for the riders to feel at least 1.7G of force, well the easiest way to describe it is you face will literally be pulled back by the force. For safety purposes, safety goggles is a must wear to avoid any airborne particles from getting into your eye. And since it is a launching coaster, there is almost no dwelling time which means its full speed till the end!! And if  Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso enjoyed the ride, it is definitely a ride to go for!

If you feel like going for a virtual drive! the Scuderia challenge is definitely for you. Much like those in the arcade but much larger and a lot more real when it comes to mechanisms. This ride might not be the ride of your lifetime but it is definitely the mother of all arcade rides!

There are also several dining areas but my suggestion is to eat light! you wouldn’t want someone to have to clean you up after a ride, if you know what I mean. My suggestion if you need a break in between rides, go for slow moving rides or shows such as the Cinema Marenello which shows the history of Formula 1 or RED which seems like a Ferrari themes circus performance, definitely entertaining and relaxing at the same time!

And if you are into slow strolls, hop over to their gallery where they exhibit all their vintage to brand new models. they even have write-ups on how they have revolutionize their design between then now!

The GoKart is one one the best I have ever done indoors. Ofcourse with the concept of Formula 1, the speed and how the cars begin the race is so real! I is worth the 2 hour wait for our time slot!

Last but not least! Pre-Plan a ride home, there are unguarded taxi queues which is rather long sometimes and some would jump queues. Do plan with the hotel you are staying with to pick you up and back to the hotel to avoid and grumpy patrons in taxi queues!

All in all! The most important thing is to have fun! Having no expectations is the best thing to do if you can and let the theme park surprise you as you go! Cheers! I hope you are now better prepared for your trip to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Yas Island – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates



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