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Fred Perry – S/S 2015 Collection Showcase

Fred Perry, undeniably a label new to none. A label which can be either just a phase in ones life or one which forms the entire lifestyle of an individual. Personally, I am quite a fan of Fred Perry accessories since my high school days and that includes their iconic flight bags and barrel gym bags. Ever since I got my first limited edition flight bag, I never got enough of all their accessories, there is always something new that I want to get from this iconic laurel label.

So I was all psyched and excited to view the Fred Perry Spring Summer 2015 Showcase Featuring Men’s Laurel Wreath and Raf Simmons Collections. In addition, it also features Men’s Folio Picks for their latest issue at the well known Laurel Wreath Collection shop at Mandarin Gallery Singapore. The small event organized by Heart Media Group was indeed a successful with several familiar faces spotted as the event goes on, but of course my attention was more on the products. As usual, I am always in awe with most of their products even though it is quit straight forward. To me, the quality is the feature that mesmerizes me the most.

Well here are the images taken during the showcase, feel free to feast your eyes on the images and drop by the store anytime soon and you might just be able to spot the Fred Perry Vending machine!!


See you in Abu Dhabi!


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