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I always liked the idea of luxury, everything from designer labels to fancy hotels. Many would call me superficial but there is also a side of me who enjoys nature and exploring nothing but the pin-drop silence, or in this case the crackling firewood silence. Which is why this would be the first time (okey not exactly my first. My first was in Sabah on my birthday if you remembered) after a long period for me trying to camp in the outdoors in a foreign country.

So what is better than arriving in a chauffeured vehicle? Well, try arriving in an Audi Q7. A super spacious SUV complete with a dual sunroof, perfect for the cool summer weather in Melbourne. Our driver, who happens to be quite efficient in manoeuvring the giant beast managed to chauffeur us comfortably to our camp site without doubting his route, even though we were quite misdirected at the end. But it was all good as I wouldn’t expect everyone to know the route especially when it is out of town and on a gravel road. Then again, I was fast asleep half of the journey, so who cares, I did have a good power-nap before surrendering myself into the wilderness.

Kanga Track, Yandoit. Our campsite, located approximately a two hour drive away from the city of Melbourne. Deep into the country side of the state, and even deeper into the gravel tracks of Kanga Track, about a 15 minutes drive away to the Spa capital of Australia, Daylesford. Even though the route to the site is rather sketchy, it appears that the site is indeed picturesque.

Pretty much out of your windows desktop I must say. It feels like we are alone out in the woods, actually its just us and one other couple who booked a tent. The site is relatively new, so there is really not many patrons just yet, other than the owner. Jarek and his partner, Eva that is, who is frequently juggling between this camp-site at Yandoit and another (more crowded and established) camp-site in Blackwood. So we pretty much have the place to ourselves – no pun intended.

They have everything you need thus packing heavy weekend backpack is kind of unnecessary, unless if you are there for a photoshoot, then maybe why not. Each canvas tent is fully furnished with the essentials and all the little details that complete the entire cosy tents atmosphere. A full sized queen sized bed with ultra luxury bed linen, bedside tables, a coffee table and chair – for what you may ask?

Well maybe you might want to utilize the onsite cooking facilities. So you can always count on bringing over some steak or salmons to grill and munch over the campfire till dawn. If bringing your own food is a hassle, then you can always get some at Daylesford and maybe catch a rubdown when you’re there too. Don’t feel like keeping it too quiet and maybe your voice is rather screechy? Why not connect your player to thier Bluetooth speaker system and play some catchy tunes you all enjoy. Trust me when i say they have everything you need and that includes you basic bath towels, soap and shampoo’s and even solar electricity. All in the middle of nowhere.

So I am not going to brag about everything from the kangaroo encounter to the beautiful moonlight shining above our heads in the almost pitch darkness. Nothing stands between you and your thoughts other that the five billion stars above you and the humming breeze in the middle of almost nowhere. And don’t forget you can also place an order for a Brekkie Box so that you don’t have to worry about what to fill your tummy with in the morning. So enjoy your carefee time with nature and maybe stay a night or two, who knew being in the natural surrounds can be that pleasant of an experience and maybe bring along some friends to enjoy some peace and quiet with you.

Cosy Tents 6A Kanga Track, Yandoit VIC 3461 Australia


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