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Glass Making – Synergraphic Design

I have always wanted to know more about glass, not just that normal clear glass you drink from. I was more into art glass which includes stained glass, laminated glass and even antique mirror, he range commonly known as Art Glass. So recently we had a company outing to Synergraphic Design Singapore, a company with years of experience in designing and experimenting new glass types.

With a whole hot of history behind the company, they have decided to organise glass making workshops to introduce to the new and also the experienced designers what is actually available in the current market. Little that we realise  that the range available in the modern market is so wide, glass in used in places you have never thought it was ever possible. With properties such as being able manipulate its shape into anything possible out from the designers mind, it can also be timeless.

So due to certain information being restricted and photos are not advised to be taken, the shared photos here are some that would hopefully not be a threat to them in the glass making market. 

We even managed to make our own glass pieces during the workshop that took some time to make and we also got the chance to cut out glass, that I never new possible after breaking so many glassed in my life just by using a hand tool to get a perfectly clean cut edge.

Well thats all folks, hopefully you enjoy this short and almost awkward post, I better not spill too much about the company coz they seem quite stern about it. So if you do have any questions, do contact them directly as follows,

Synergraphic Design Pte Ltd

10 Changi South Street 1

Singapore 486788

T : +65 6546 4133


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