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As we big 2015 goodbye, a majority of us probably drinking the new years night away and avoiding a sober journey home, there will be this minority who will be digging for their 2015 NY Resolution and striking of what that have achieve, what is pending and what is still in the works. It is not what most would do but I would probably be one of them. 

2015 personally have been an interesting year. Even though throughout the year, the situation seems to always get worse, I will always seem to be able to get over situations with a sly smile. I guess I was born that way, to be able to put the differences aside and just be ‘okey’ for  certain circumstances. Many would probably already know my story, that is if you have read the rather monotonous tone in my blogpost, but if not, you probably got the more positive jist of my 2015 life. Either way, I am glad that you have followed through throughout the entire 2015. 

This year, just like the last, I will be spending the New Year Celebration at someplace foreign. And as you would have already known, again if you have followed my social media, I am now in Australia. Melbourne to be exact, visiting my best friend whom I have not seen eye to eye for over a year. But yes, the celebration will be in Sydney, Melbourne might not be pumped enough to host a mega celebration. But after all, Australia is a laid back territory, 15 steps down from where we were last year, At The Top of Burj Khalifa. 

But all that aside, I would like to wish you guys and girls everywhere, a very Happy New Year. May you be blessed with happiness as 2015 is the past and its time to move on. We might not be able to see the next new year so lets party hard and make sure we meet our resolutions before the year ends again!

Till I see you again, probably when I start writing about the two weeks long trip. Ciao and Cheers to the New Year Bitches!


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