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There have been a lot of movements lately which includes the most recent #wearwhite or #pride movements. But all of this ‘opening up’ and ‘getting out of the closet’ movements have forced some who feels pushed and those who feels that they are unable to speak up more pressure. So think about it, while most are able to speak their mind, there is still this quiet minority who is not so sure what to do, where to go and mostly, what to feel. And then comes the unfortunate part,


It might not be a common thing you spot in the news on a day to day basis, but they do exist among us. Be it if they are intentional or influenced, it happens almost every single day. So here’s one solution,

Simple yet extremely important. Suicide claims more than one life in Singapore every single day. Talking about it definitely helps, but it can be difficult to broach the subject. Which explains the HowRU campaign. This plasters issued on the 10th September (it doesn’t have to just be on that day), on the World Suicide Prevention Day is meant to be worn on the inner wrist to be shared to the world. It is the easiest way to start a conversation with the plaster located at a very distinct part of the hands, the part where most teenagers will cut themselves.

So take the step. Ask someone ‘How Are You?’. You might never know their heart contents until you talk to them. And my that simple conversation save a life.


For them who needs assistance with regards to this matter and needs to seek help. 

Do not be afraid to contact help at 

Suicide Prevention Centre

or email them at

Remember, Every Life Is Precious.


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