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ION SKY Orchard – Singapore

Ion Orchard Singapore, well known to be one of the best ‘everything under one roof’ destination for tourists and locals alike. Mainly because for its very strategic location in end of Orchard turn or more distinctly recognized from the junction of Paterson Road and Orchard Road Singapore. It is also home for many designer labels flagship stores from the best designers to the affordable range, its is really a place for everyone. But this 8 floors of paradise did not stop there, other than the golden address residence, it is also home to a hidden gem on the 55th and 56th floor. One of the highest vantage point you can get along Orchard Road.

The observation deck which many feels intimidated to go up to die to the entry way which seems very private and secluded is actually open to public daily from 1000hrs to 2000hrs and admission is totally free. This secluded area which has its lobby located inside Ion Art itself (which ofcourse does not attract many, Singaporeans are more into the art of shopping rather than art appreciation itself) have attracted the few who actually know about this place to sink in the panoramic view of Singapore from 218 meters up.

Many come up there to just sit back and enjoy the view as the watch the clouds drift by, and if you get hungry at any point, Salt Grill & Sky Bar by celebrity chef Luke Mangan is the way to indulge the view and savour your taste buds at the same time. With its full height glass panels all around and even glass roof completes the entire experience being in a total serene and scenic space.

So what are you waiting for, the space is all equipped with digital live binoculars and it is even large enough to hold private events (do contact Ion Management for details). What better place to hold a private event at with an amazing view in a mall awarded as the Best Shopping Center in Singapore by Tatler’s Best of Singapore 2014.

I brought my mom up just to sink in the view before we began her Birthday celebration line up and she totally enjoyed the time spent up there as she love going up to high vantage point observation decks. Totally worth the stop-over just to clear the mind before all the walking to all the different locations for her birthday. Happy Birthday Mommy, I really hope you enjoyed your big day!

So do drop by just for a jiffy and enjoy the view, because we definitely did!

Ion Sky – Ion Orchard

2 Orchard Turn Singapore


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