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Jewelfest 2014

Diamonds, Jadeite, Moonstone, Pearls. You name it, they have it here at Jewelfest 2014.

Hello everyone, I hope its all good on the other end, if not, let me entice your feelings with some beautiful wearable pieces of art. Jewelfest, to begin with, have been around for twelve years since 2003 and it is definitely not your typical runway showcase. With booths set up by jewelry designers all over the world, it is no more of just looking and taking shots of the models walking down the carpet. Your runway experience is brought up a step higher where you can try on, have a first hand feel on those pieces, enquire about the jewel details and best of all, purchase immediately. I mean what better way to end a jewelry show other than bringing your own piece of art back right. 

Alice in Wonderland presents and amazing collection of fine engineering and craft by the a local fashion designer, Zenchi. Zenchi Collection which has been around since 2009 have since been in the spotlight on many celebrities such as Zoe Tay and well known supermodel, Naomi Campbell who walked for Zenchi at Digital Fashion Week 2013. So even though Zenchi can still be considered a new face in the upcoming fashion industry in Singapore, he definitely have gone quite far and very well for himself ever since.

These are some of the images of his inspiring work of art and definitely manage to awe me and everyone who attended the show. (selected images are amongst my favorites)

So apart from Zenchi’s collection which mainly targeted on the female market, after all diamonds are girls best friend am I right. But I am sure guys now a days are a lot more fashionably aware of what they are wearing and would invest in one or two pieces to enhance their entire look. These are a few pieces by Mario Buzzanca which truely amazes me with amazing designs created around off shaped pearls from Australia. Each piece is truly an art and there is no two identical pieces. Definitely a designer to look out for amazing and interesting design pieces for men.

That’s all folks. time to break the bank (or maybe just my credit card) for a skull ring!



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