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Hey guys! It have been quite a while that I spent some time to write. I am quite sure that you know that I have been all over the place over the past few months through my social media posts and I know that its is a little too late to post about KLFW 2017. Honestly, I am very much not interested in sharing with you about what shows I attended and my thoughts about the designer creations were. I am quite sure you are able to get all that fashion trends and fashion failures on various other websites. I am quite sure if you look hard enough, you will be able to spot me in some of the photos (look extremely hard yeah!)

Back to my main point of this blogpost, I am here to share my thoughts about the entire event and how well the event coordination was. First and foremost, I would like to thank my friends down in Kuala Lumpur who help me get invites to the shows. I got so lucky to get an all access pass for a day! I feel so blessed to have friends who actually bothers to entertain my requests. Lets be clear that this is an invite only event, which means that you can’t buy tickets off a kiosk to get your way in. But that does not mean you are unable to watch the shows. It just means you don’t get the luxury to seat and watch the shows closely. But that is what I actually adore about the entire event. Located at the main atrium of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, everyone who is anyone will be able to view the shows all the way up to the fifth floor of the mall. Now that is what I call a publicity stunt for the public (see what i did there?).

 The entire concept where you are able to watch the shows even when you are not invited is so amazing to me. The idea of an inclusive event where everyone can feel like they are a part of the entire event even when they were not personally invited. To support this fact is the strongly marketed #iamhomegrown tagline. This event strongly supports local designers and that their main motive to to provide an ideal platform for local designers to showcase their creations.

Andrews Models along with Fashion Valet worked side by side to achieve this level of well coordinated and planned out event and I must say that it is quite impressive that they manage to pull off such an event so open to the public and yet keep its exclusivity. Rest assured I would be very much excited to see what they come up with these coming years. This year is the first year they set up the AirAsia Designer search amongst the ASEAN countries. I wonder what they will have under their sleeves next year! Rumours have it, they have already started discussing new segments and improvements to the event! Some times I wonder where these people get all their energy from. A show just ended and they are ready for the next. I guess thats what makes them entrepreneurs and forward thinkers and most importantly successful.

There is only one flaw I feel that needs to be worked on. It is probably something the organisers have very little control of but I am sure there are ways to make it work. But the fault mostly lies on the attendees. Have you ever been into a cinema feeling extremely annoyed as people are still strolling in as the movie started? Well, that was my extreme first impression of the entire event honestly, The fact that the first model have began her walk and almost walking back in, there are still people strolling in and finding their seats. I feel it is extremely disrespectful to the designers. What was even worse than that was the fact that the attendees arrived after the designer who invited them have already done their showcase. My first thoughts were like ‘hunny if you gonna be late, don’t even bother coming to my show’. I don’t know about you guys, but I have something against late comers and I can’t appreciate that at all.

Well, other than that, I am generally quite satisfied with the event and I look forward to attending the future shows! Hopefully they will still invite me over after this post. *wink wink*

Ciao Bella.


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