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Mühle 70th Anniversary

Mens grooming have never really been a priority section for most departmental stores, even those luxurious ones. Manscaping have been around forever and only recently, the number of men becoming more and more wary of their looks, or become vain in short, have increased steeply. Appearance for a man is now as important as how a lipstick is important in every woman’s purse (You better sue yourself if you don;t have one, you woman!)

So for me personally, I have been quite a vain man since I was born. I might not look amazing but I feel that proper manscaping and skincare is important to every mans hygiene. As I am always out and about, speaking to people, colleagues, friends on a regular basis, it is important for me to make sure my facial hair is on the right note, or even if there are stubbles, they ought to look its best. While most would dash to the nearest beauty department and grab an off the shelf shaver, let me introduce this luxurious shaving brand.

Always feel the shaving is a chore? Hold on to one of Muhle shavers, and you will literally find the joy of manscaping your facial hair. Be it if you prefer using the razor or if you rather yet the ‘Gillette’ razor cartridge, Muhle have piece for you. Their complete set of shaver, shaver cream brush and bowl and even the travel set so you can bring it wherever you are in the world is so good, it feels like you are bringing a piece of luxury wherever you are. 

So there you have it, Happy 70th anniversary Muhle, wishing you many more successful years ahead of you.

PS. I woke up today with the tragic news of #BloodyParis . It breaks my heart to get such news especially when it happens to innocent citizens. I will always pray for the best for this world. May all this violence end. #PrayForParis



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