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Ho Ho Ho Holidays is here

It have been quite some time since I wrote and all you know is that it is now almost Christmas. I really apologize for you who waited and anticipated for a new blogpost day by day. Honestly I can’t wait any longer to publish this one post but due to all the fuss at work, I am forced to delay all my sideline interests. But since today is my last day of work, I will force myself to post a pre-christmas dinner preview.

Voila! This look is inspired a lot by the main stream pop culture and them who appreciates vectors and line art might understand what I am trying to pull off. A simple look with a very deep meaning to it.

First, you notice the large Silver Fox head in vectored mask by Wintercroft. Well that by itself is the company I am working for (Silverfox Studios) and the mask over the head symbolizes the respect I have for my company and the many hours I have spent working for them have been very much a wonderful journey, knowing that it indeed makes up the early part of my career. The mask also gives a sense of power given the large size, it is meant to make a powerful impact to the overall look.

Second, you should realize the zebra print knitted shawl by Gianni Versace. One, an head of a fox with two, zebra printed shawl. What it means is that one can be more than themselves and that it is deeper than what you are. You can reach in further into you and still be what you want to be and have the best in both worlds. Well, if you don’t get whet I mean, you are just shallow I guess. All I am trying to depict by having two animal prints on me is that you can be what you want to be without losing what you truly are.

Last but not least, the thick navy blue jacket by Zara pulls the entire look together. The stiffness of the jacket and uniform look gives the look of empowerment. This jacket gives a strong statement of self esteem and that you own your entire look thus completing the upper half of the costume. 

Whatever happens on the bottom half. Well. You don’t have to know, it’s just regular pants and shoes. I’m gonna go pack now. Wait up for the post party blog entry where I show you my second look for the night!



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