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Fish, Crabs, Lobsters, Prawns, whatever you want, you can find it here at Sydney Fish Market, well at least most of the Marine life here at Nicholas Seafood. From freshly caught sea creatures to deep-fried and ready to eat seafood, they have it all under one roof.

A little bit about the Sydney Fish Market in general, other than offering Australia’s biggest variety of fresh seafood, it is home to six wet fish retailers which supplies fresh seafood to patrons which also includes ready to eat seafood everyday, except for Christmas Day. Located along Blackwattle Bay, SFM is a perfect setting to sit down by the pier or the seating deck and enjoying some crispy fresh seafood. SFM also features numerous restaurants and cafes, bakeries, gourmet deli, bottle shop, butchery, green grocer, fishing supplies store and even a gift shop! A complete retail experience for the entire family!

Nicholas Seafood was our wet fish retailer of our choice (apparently) as it was kind of already been pre-tested by our dearest friend who is currently an Australian native. So we trusted his tastebuds and ofcourse, he did not disappoint, or else this post won’t exist. The amazing variety and spread of seafood is so vast that you just feel like trying one of each from the ‘canteen style’ buffet. The spread that made into my bento sized box were the soft shell crab, a huge slice of salmon, some calamari, and even a scallop (at least that is what I think I remembered its called).

Well, apart from the variety, it was also reasonably priced. Well ofcourse it is all in accordance to local market price. but i did not expect it to be that cheap. Remember, after all the selecting and salivating, it is all fresh seafood in your box. So prices ranging between to AUD$20-30 is still considered reasonable. Trust me!

We did take come time to finish our seafood bento, I must say it was rather filling, do come in an empty stomach! But it was all worth it with the cool breeze from the bay, with some fishy smell from the local fishermen bringing their fresh loots back into the shops from the dock right where you are sitting on. It does not get any better than that. So do drop by and try it out when you are in Sydney! It is all worth trying!

Shop 6, Waterfront Arcade, Bank Street

Sydney Fish Market, Pyrmont, NSW 2009



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