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Are you a fan of Polo Ralph Lauren? I am sure you can’t give an immediate ‘YES’ neither you can be sure that it is an immediate ‘NO’. For a very long time, Polo Ralph Lauren have been our middle range ‘GO TO’ label to get the best quality polo tee shirt, and we still do trust them for their amazing range of polo tees they have.

But not many knows that their range of products is way beyond than whats in the name. Polo Ralph Lauren have a range of products which includes overcoats, vests, shoes, leather goods and even sunglasses. This time they feature paid work shirts and cargoes as part of their collection.

Ralph Lauren is a BIG BEAST, with a myriad diffusion lines, accessories, children’s clothes and little that many know, RL also do own a like in Homeware as part of their brand’s all -American umbrella. Don’s act so surprised! Ofcourse all the mainstream designer names like Hermes, Armani, Fendi and even Versace have their line of Homeware. So why not Ralph Lauren.

In fact, Ralph Lauren have quite a prominent look when to have a look through their furniture collection bible – minimalist. It is quite different from most other brands which carries Homeware products. In fact, I honestly feel that Ralph Lauren Home products have the ability to fit in any home without actually buying the entire collection off the catalog. It would be a good start to invent a little ‘expensive’ furniture especially for those who feels that such large investments are unnecessary any yet you want to have that little touch of luxe you you home decor.

So do take my word for it,have a look at their products and just like the Polo tee shirts, you would not say an immediate ‘YES’ neither you can be sure that it is an immediate ‘NO’ to it. The range which includes full size bedding  and lounge chairs and accessories to little cutleries and home fragrance. At one point of time while I walked through the showcase, I would have imagined it exactly the way it would be in a Park Hyatt Hotel probably somewhere in Italy. And like I mentioned, even though it would look amazing as an entire set or collection, i am very sure individual products can lighten up your home just right.

Now with so much going on under the RL umbrella, with shares dropping to an all time low and even the most recent news about Mr Ralph Lauren himself steps down as CEO of his own company, I really do hope that the reputation of RL will maintain and that I am very sure that the people will always support RL range of products in the market.

And so with that, do check out the Polo Ralph Lauren Flagship Store at

Polo Ralph Lauren

1 Scotts Road

#01-01/02/03 & #02-02/03

Shaw Center Singapore

and you can browse their home collection at 

Proof Living

2 Orchard Turn


ION Orchard Singapore

Ciao Bitches!


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