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I have been trying to be active over past few weeks after months of being lazy with my body shape. I shall not lie, it wasn’t easy to get back on my feet after so long. I am now slowly back on my feet to do a 5 to 6 Kilometre runs two times a week and although it have been quite a sluggish pace, I believe that some progress is better than no progress.

Well, other than running, I do take some time over the weekends to do other fun activities other than just running. Hiking and cycling is one of those things that I would do. So my favourite hotspot to be at to do such activities would be Pulau Ubin. Partially because it is literally 10 minutes away from my crib. So why not right??

As there will be about 2-3 races to mark this year end, I will probably do more of Pulau Ubin Adventures soon! I hope to see you guys there enjoying nature and the amazing views of the quarries, lakes and mangroves.

And if you are up for more adventure other than hiking up Puaka Hill, why not test your wheels on the mountain biking track. You are welcomed to bring your own bike over to Pulau Ubin test your wheels and skills!

Well thats all folks, do make some time to visit thing wonderful yet under-appreciated island. A perfect destination for families and friends.

PS. Most of our outfits and accessories are by Decathlon Singapore, Do check out their wide range of hiking and other sports products/accessories at amazingly affordable prices!

Pulau Ubin, Singapore


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