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Hello World | Hello 2016 | Hello Quarter Century

It is difficult for me to sink in the fact that I am turning 25 this year, a quarter century of life. I have achieved so much between my humble brags beginning to bragging daily in 2016. For all who have been with me from the start and still loyal in keeping yourselves updated via this website, thank you. For all who have just subscribed, welcome to my life. I can promise nothing but fun here because there is no point sharing the sad part of my life here. That part of me is usually kept rather private. Well heres to begin 2016. Cheers.

2016. As you all might already have known by now, I celebrated it in Sydney together with my best friends (minus one who had other responsibilities at hand). It is probably one of the most interesting and iconic places to watch the fireworks being blasted into the air like nobodies business. Lets just say that it is also in fact one of the first cities in the world to celebrate New Years. What makes things a lot more fun this year is that unlike my Dubai trip last year, which my parents decide to celebrate their new years there this year just means that I have several different timezones to wish them a very happy new year. Not only Dubai, about 5 hours away, my colleagues who were in Edinburgh, about 11 hours difference, the rest of my family members in Singapore, about 3 hours away, and of course some others somewhere in some other parts of the world I shall not mention. That was quite a coordination process but thank god that I was the first to celebrate, which makes wishing everyone after my celebration a lot easier. 

Sydney have an interesting way of celebrating their new years with two set of fireworks, one at 9pm (well know as the family firework display) right after the sun sets at around 8.30pm. And the second display which is obviously the full show at Midnight. Interesting enough, there are a lot of designated vantage points that you can be at for free even though entry is controlled so that it does not exceed the quota. As the Australian government tries its very best to allow and let everyone have a view of the firework display along the harbour, the vantage points is rather vastly distributed on both sides of the Harbour Bridge. From the Balls Head Reserve to Bradleys Head (Google it, you will get the idea on how large it is) and it can go even further than that. 

New Years Eve, 10am. We of course tried our best to settle for best view which is the the Mrs Macquaries Point located at the Royal Botanical Gardens with a quota of 16,000 people. Just imagine that crowd, or let me make it easier for you to imagine by showing you some photos. People started to queue at the entrance as early as 24 hours early. We were kind of in the middle of the queue but I guess it was good enough that we did not get rejected at the entrance. And that was where we experienced our first fireworks display. 

Midnight 2016. We moved out of the Gardens to get to a closer vantage point, closer to the Harbour Bridge, close enough that i can say we were almost at the foot of the bridge, somewhere at the end of George Street if I have not mistaken. That is where the party began, were roads are closed almost everywhere and swarms of people were on the streets, drinks and just celebrating new years not sober. Some even walked into a lamp post, and you thought that was impossible. 

New Years Day. Obviously we got home sober, just tired as there were a lot of walking and quite a bit of heart to heart talk to fill up the empty walk. The beginning of 2016 is the beginning of my quarter decade celebration. I obviously want it to be perfect and I will push away all the negativity without hesitation. Lets start clean slate, if thats possible. If not, than thats not my darn problem anymore. I am rather tired of wasting time with people who are unable to give me their 100% when they know I always give my 110% for them. 

So cheers to 2016, may it be a better year. I have a lot of fun things planned ahead and I look forward to sharing it with you guys here!

Do check out the SydNYE official page for more photos of the celebration!

PS, CosmosByAminAyub is still alive, do check it out for more photos and psst, the video is already in the making, therefore I am extremely sorry for not having much photos to share about NYE as I concentrated a lot on recording clips! I hope to see you guys soon and hopefully get the short clip ready for you guys to oogle at! XXAA

G’day Mate!


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