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Ramadan Al Mubarak

بِسْــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم


Tonight marks the seventh night of Ramadan and this year, nothing much feels the same as the previous fasting months out of the 23 years of my life. First things first, this is my first fasting year with my own ‘stable’ income. Knowing that now I have to juggle work, family and friends all around this twenty-four hours I have in a day seems harder than I thought. Then again, I managed to go through the first quarter almost successfully knowing that I am able to reach home just in time for Iftar with my family, I already feel so blessed. Even though trying to make it happen is not easy, I will always make an effort to be there just to eat together. Probably the closest i have ever went to forking full time was when i was working with my dad, and that was a lot easier as I don’t have to think about transport or being on time for breakfast with my family as my supervisor was my dad. Now, things are a little bit different, so i guess I will have to figure things out myself. Go Figure!

This year, not my entire group of friends will be around for Eid, specifically one of my closest friend. Therefore, I am putting in all the effort I can to spend time with him before he takes off for University. Its gonna be quite sad when he leaves, but I guess it is only for two years I suppose. So between now and then, we will be hanging out a lot, sacrificing my rest hours just to spend time with him. We even went out together to Bazar Geylang Serai which was surprisingly not crowded. We definitely try our very best to have many good times before he is due to fly off. Gonna Miss You Biatch!

Yes, I did mention that this year Ramadan is not the same at all. First i have not started the home cleaning process. Second, I have plans to do something small yet special for this Eid especially when I now have to pay out my own Zakat Fitrah to lighten some burden off my parents shoulders. So much of what I want or need, I will credit it right to my account. I guess its only fair that way even though I am not earning that much, now I tend to appreciate things a lot more. Thirdly, I finally successfully launched me second logo design after the ‘StraxSphere’ for SCDF. This time is for a humble food label called WadiOmar (Located at Asli Village, DowntownEast). Even though it was modified ever since the last draft, I am still proud to say I was part of it. Thank you Ahmad for the opportunity. I am not so much of a philanthropist when it comes to money as i myself have my own financial constrains, but I sure love to give back by helping others with what I can do. Sharing my creativity is the least I can do to give back after all I have received from the society. Last but not least, Eid this year will be an entire new chapter, weather it is for the better of worse, WallahuAlam. Hopefully God will give his blessings to me and my family for a stronger bond between us.




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