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Salam Aidilfitri

Alhamdulillah. Ramadan have finally ended and Syawal have now taken its place. I have learnt a lot this Ramadan and at the same time, I have been blessed with amazing gifts and opportunities. Honestly, I am humbled by everything God have blessed me with even though I am going through tough times. Yes, most of my personal issues, I don’t usually share it with anyone. I don’t really want anyone to have be petty about how I live my life and yet still able to go through such crisis. I always believe in good prayers, InsyaAllah God have something nice planned ahead of me.

‘It is not always about the beautiful destination you have planned, but sometimes its the journey towards that destination that makes the entire experience a beautiful one’

There have been a lot of tragedy around the world recently. With destruction of cities, loss of innocent life’s,   airline companies making losses. One by one. One after another. Speculations after speculations. Controversies after controversies. Sometimes I wonder if there is really anything good left in this world? Men killing Men, Machines killing Men, I am not even sure what to believe anymore. I use to think, what comes before your official race is Human race. That’s the only common thing among all of us and yet that is the one thing that is tearing us apart. I wont say much as I don’t want any mishaps to happen. But lets pray.

PrayForGaza | PrayForMH17 | PrayForMH370 

On the upper note, I have been officially been given the chance handle my own project now, and mind you, its actually project’s’ with and ‘s’. Yes, previously I have only been working on several projects, mostly jumping around projects working on small areas to be designed and developed. But now, I am finally given the opportunity to Design and Develop and also Manage entire projects. So at the moment, I am juggling two big projects (I will not mention the hotel chain) located at Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Jakarta, Indonesia. I will be designing full guestrooms, all day dining, lobby, roof swimming pool deck, ballroom and a lot more. The scope seems big, but it is really a lot bigger actually. I really hope I will not disappoint anyone knowing that i will be approaching my 1 year mark with Silverfox real soon! 

While we all are preparing to clean our homes for visitors to come over for Eid, some are busy packing to leave home. My dearest friend whom I will not miss the world for have safely landed in Melbourne a week ago and not surprisingly, I already miss him. Crazy you say? We go way back ever since we were in primary school. And therefore, I will not miss this goodbye that will last for quite long, not miss it for anything! So I wish him all the best in his studies and future endeavors, until we meet again!

Ah, Raya, seems like time really flies. It have been a month since Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza released her album, Fragmen, and this entire month I have been playing her songs on repeat. I only started playing Raya songs a few days back. That is hot awesome Fragmen is. This year spring cleaning started rather late and there is so much to do till the last minute. But i managed to accomplish so much in so little time. I manage to get thes set of amazingly cute and quirky money packets from Hurhur Paperie. Amazing quality even though its hand made. I will definitely give those out to the young kinds coming over to my place. On top of that! if you have read my previous post, I actually liaised with The Weekend Affair to create my very own Black packets to Eid. And it turns out amazing! That will go out to kids and people who can read of course. I really hope they re-use it too. Oh and my Baju kurung this year, I will not release images of it just yet. You can get first hand preview of  what I wore on the first day on my Instagram!

So that is all for now! I don’t really have time to write much. There is still tons of work to get done. Wish me luck finishing it on time. See you guys tomorrow!!



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