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Hey guys, it have been quite a while since I wrote anything personal due to my buzy work schedule and everything unexpected or perhaps sort of expected happening in my life right now. As you guys probably have already realized, I did have an unplanned trip to Kuala Lumpur about two weekends back. It was honestly my first time flying solo, although it was just a one night trip, It was quite an experience (to be honest, I experienced nothing within that 30 – 8 hours of sleep in Kuala Lumpur) but I did for the first time decided to bring my phone into the pool.

It was kind of a nerve wrecking moment. Honestly I have never fully dunk my ‘thousand dollar phone’ into the water ever since I got it. Even though it features a IP68 waterproofing certification, I am not gonna lie, I still had my doubts. Obviously because of the exposed earphone jacks and speakers ofcourse. But after several intense procrastination, I finally dunk it in the pool. Now its a moment to remember, I might go into the shower with the phone and what nots. I still do that with my previous phone, Samsung Galaxy S5 which have its USB Port covered. But dunking my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge into the pool while I am travelling was kind of mind blowing.

Fact 1: Now lets get to the usage. No one said it was gonna be easy using this phone after it got wet. Honestly, I’ve already known that since I have ever tried texting with my wet hands in the shower. The sensitivity of the screen is definitely affected as the water act as another point of contact other that your fingers. Hence, whilst trying to record a video underwater is rather impossible, you may want to press the record button before you dunk your phone. It may or may not record while you are in the water, as the water might ‘click’ the stop recording button when you dive in. Taking photos on the other hand is a lot easier with the help of the volume button.

Fact 2 : Water tends to act as a magnifying glass. So to say, I am sure you have seen clips which teaches you tricks on how to take a macro photo with your phone; one of which is to put a single drop of water on the camera lens. Now try this, dunking your entire phone in the water, well obviously trying to get a selfie underwater without having it up close to your nose is rather impossible. So maybe, you do need someone to help you take that photo for you. And by that, i do mean a few photos as trying to figure of how far is too far and how near is too near, that might need to take some time.

Fact 3 : The speaker doesn’t work after your dunk. Okey not that it totally doesn’t work, but it takes time to dry up and to work as usual (the speakers will muffle if you try to play anything at all). So no music for about an hour or get a bluetooth speaker guys! The power adapter doesn’t work after being dunk too! Okey maybe almost every physical output and input doesn’t work after being dunk. The phone will prompt that the port is wet and have to let it dry before being able to charge. So you can trust that your phone will not explode or short circuit as the do have a moisture sensor when it is wet to prevent such disaster. One more point to remember, if you really is a phone addict, do not use your phone under the water when it is at your last 10% of power. you still need about an hour to let it dry before you can charge it.

Fact 4 : Just have fun with it and stop being afraid. Do try the slow motion and even the the hyperlapse. I did try the boomerang, but its impossible to click it underwater. Do tell me what else I can try underwater and perhaps I can try it the next time I hit the pool! And don’t worry, my phone still works perfectly fine even immediately after hitting the pool!

Well thats all the facts I have for you. This is not a sponsored post, but I am just happy to share my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge underwater experience with you guys!



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