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Seeds – Sowing Promises

Singapore Polytechnic – School of Design

ninth of september twenty fourteen

The launch of the first official School on Design building

It have been almost five years since lift this institution. One which I will never forget. One which all the memories are truly amazing. And one which gave me so much hope in succeeding in this industry. I must say, ever since I graduated, I never looked back regretting taking this one leap of faith into Singapore Polytechnic School of Design (SP SD). Even until now they have their full support as to what I am doing now and still guiding and helping me as I pave my way to success. It feels good to get to reminisce the sweet moments back in school with all the lecturers and friends who where there for me throughout my journey through tertiary education.

The new building launched by a the SD Director, Dr Faris Akbar Hajamaideen along with the entire SD family, friends and alumni’s is one of the first ever in Singapore Polytechnic. School of Design never really had a building of theirs to ever call ‘theirs’ until today. An auspicious date marking the mid-autumn festival, SP SD made a mark in launching the brand new building located strategically at the main entrance of the school (gate one). Apart from grabbing all the attention and spotlight, this is what the architect and planner got to say:

“The approach as to create a form of ‘living lab’ or a ‘studio incubator’ that encourages openness, innovation and experimentation.” RSP Architects Planners and Engineers.

The event named ‘Seeds – Sowing Promises’ further explains the concept which runs throughout the entirely new building. It embodies the spirit of ethos of the Design school: to experiment, collaborate and document. Envisaged as a living incubator where design pedagogy is realized through its spaces incubating 4 diplomas. Namely the Diploma in Interior Design (DID), Diploma in Visual Communications and Media Design (DVMD), Diploma in Games Design and Development (DGDD) and Diploma in Experience and Product Design (DXPD).

Therefore the spaces created as I walk through and around the building was very open and transparent. Apart from the fresh white paint which reflects a lot of sunlight, there is also a very generous us of glass and open views into the studios. Double volume spaces with the studios allows natural light to penetrate into the studios via the skylights – no more dark and dull studios for the new students! there is also a wide spread of areas suitable to get inspired such as the gallery, outdoor central garden, rooftops and even green steps where students are offered different learning experiences and environments they can utilize creatively.

Aside from all the perks and amazing spaces the students and lectures can utilize, the school is also going to benefit from its powers usage. The school, with was designed in a way to reduce power usage and still keeping the beautiful aesthetics, has been awarded the BCA’s (Building and Constructions) Green Mark Platinum Award. It is expected to be able to enjoy a potential energy savings of 30%each year!

An exhibit by the Diploma in Interior Design (above)

An exhibit by the Diploma in Visual Communications and Media Design (above)

An exhibit bu the Diploma in Games Design and Development (above)

With all this amazing new spaces and perks the students will get, I am very sure that SP SD will be producing a lot more aspiring designers to help fill up the local and global design market which is in need of fresh new ideas in many design sectors. Not forgetting the always inspiring lecturers whom are not just a ‘passing by’ lecturer, but more of one who will guide you when you are in times of need of guidance even way after you graduate.

Roof deck party at Seeds – Sowing Promises SPSD (above)

So to all future students or similar, those thinking of taking the leap of faith into the design industry, SP SD is one way you can start it, and I am very sure they will not disappoint. The school public viewing is over by Friday, twelve september, but I am sure you will still be able to have a look around just to have a feel of the brand new space. Let me and this post by a quote from the SD Director himself about the schools vision:

“The ambition for the school is for the students at the end of the third year, to articulate their individual positions or methods in whatever they design and to be proficient in the technologies to realize it” Dr Faris Akbar Hajamaideen. ps: more photos from the event will be uploaded on the photo wall!

Auf Wiedersehen 

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