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Summer Sale might be over your most of you guys but guess what! Sale shopping is in fact everyday activity for me! I am sure you guys know how big a shopper I can be and what’s a better attraction than any kind of sale or cashbacks. Sure there are many credit cards usually issued by bank by which offers cashback services. But lets just say most of their cashback value is really not attractive enough. Furthermore, they might even limit the merchants you can actually gain your cashback from. Well apart from the convenience that banks can offer (literally debiting your cashback into your accounts, which usually is a credit account, hence you can’t actually feel the money in your hands), let me introduce to you guys my new favourite way of shopping.

SHOPBACK is a service provider from Singapore which works with famous merchants to make sure you actually get your cash back! With over 300 over shops which offer cashback opportunities, it is definitely the place to go to get the best deals from the best deals! And I am not even joking! You think you have got the best deals from Groupon, think about getting part of you cash back from the already great deal from your purchase and I am talking about 7% of you cash back. And if you think you wanna save on your travel adventure, you should definitely enjoy the cashback and coupons for Expedia!!

Not only you will get double the discount, you will definitely get your a percentage of you cashback too. And I am not talking about those stingy bank rates offering you probably 1% cashback. Casback offers you anything between 1% (I have yet to see lesser) and goes up to 20% (the most I have seen yet).


If you still do have doubts on how SHOPBACK works, do check out the following short clip which give you a summary of how you can be rewarded by using SHOPBACK!

OR you can read an outline of how it works and even calculate your cashback value HERE.

Whats more is that you can request your pay out when you have reached the minimum payout value which is only $10!!


As much as I would prefer the prefect retail therapy hanging around the lounge with the sales person handing me the latest season catalogue and a glass of white, why not have the pleasure of doing that at home and at the same time give your wallet a therapy it deserves too. I do a lot of shopping and my wallet have gone through some dry days and honestly, those days are not fun at all. So why not take a day off and save your petrol money and shop on SHOPBACK. Treat yourself to the latest GSS offers at SHOPBACK from the comfort of your home or even start planning for a low cost weekend getaway with AGODAJETSTAR and many more travel service providers available on SHOPBACK!


I personally can’t resist a good sale! What more when offers me cashback. I am quite a freak when it comes to shopping and buying stuff especially wearables. And once I start, I find it hard to stop. So why not shop with discount coupons on major multi designers sites such as ZALORA,  REEBONZ and many other well known sites I am sure you’ve shopped at before. As SHOPBACK understands consumers needs and demands, it is also not surprising that they also worked with FOODPANDA and even UBER so that you can get your cashback on SHOPBACK even on your daily routine! Do check out all their coupons on SHOPBACK, the one place you will be rewarded while shopping!


We are all tech savvy and in this modern era, even the desktop is considered ‘last seasons invention’. SHOPBACK have recently launched their mobile for both iOS and Android users. While you can search it off your Appstore, why not get and $5 app bonus by downloading it from the link HERE! So now you can shop even while you are shopping!! GET IT? You know, you can always keep browsing for the best deals and save your wallet while you still can. Your wallet deserves a break and in fact, it deserves to be rewarded from all the torture you have put it through. So why not give it a shot. Signing up from your mobile phones have never been so easier! They don not even ask for all your details (such as you bank account number) upon signing up, so you can still browse for the deals with a peace of mind.


if you have any further enquiries, do contact SHOPBACK directly as follows (+65) 6589 8708 – Singapore & Asia Pacific (+1) 215 253 5988 – USA & Europe or email them at


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