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SilverFox Christmas Dinner

Hello everyone, hope that all of you is doing well on the other end. Perhaps most of you have already have had you Christmas Dinner with you colleagues and friends and I am sure you are all wondering about mine. As I have said before, I have to change more than twice during the dinner. So here are the details of the dinner.

Located at 40c Harding Road, Au Petit Salut serves amazing French Cuisine by Chef Paul Longworth. A dinner set for more than 30, we reserved almost the entire outdoor area of Au Petit. Even though the location is rather out of place, I must say, it is filled with tranquility complimented with the natural plantations surrounding it.

With amazing service from the support staff, SilverFox Christmas Dinner was indeed a success. I would definitely drop by again with my friends for dinner! Thank you Salute Group. Thank you all who supported the three of us in cute onsies. the cutest trio ever, me and the Poh Sisters!

I’m going to share a video done by my amazing colleague Vipz Koa show the coolest part of the dinner! Do check it out and check his page out! Photos credits above by my dear Hannah Delos Reyes.

Salute | Merry Christmas | Happy New Year


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