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Silverfox Experience

13th August 2013

The first day I stepped into Silverfox Studios for my third job interview – after the first two offered me such unreasonable work benefits, I kept hoping that this will be the one place I can be comfortable for a while before I attempt to carry on with my degree studies at a local university. Silverfox Studios (SS) was initially recommended by my lecturer back in Singapore Polytechnic Design School after I approached him saying that I was rejected from my Uni application and I was rather lost. He, Mr Christoper Goh, Diploma in Interior Design Course Manager and Senior Lecturer, personally guided me through my rough times knowing that my knowledge would have been rather rusty after serving the nation for twenty-four months. I was very worried but with his words of encouragement and recommendation of what should my next step be, I felt more confident about myself in making it into some good company – and I am thankful for that.

And that I did. I sealed the deal almost instantly with Patrick and Susan. Minimum wage did not stop me for still being excited as I really did managed to make them smile looking through my humble portfolio from school. I also had to be honest to them about how rusty I was with all the Computer Aided Design (CAD) sofwares and that I might have to take some time to pick up all the necessary skills along the way. 

19th August 2013

The first day of work at Silverfox Studios. Instantly, I was partnered with a lady named Jolina (who no longer works at SS) and she was the one who guided me along the way throughout my first few months at SS. And that was how I started my design life. Always early until today without fail. Rarely i get to leave on time. And work never stops. I was full speed ahead since then. No stopping – except for Christmas to New Year leave. It definitely wasn’t easy but for as long as I am here in SS, I have seen many people leave, perhaps due to the high pressure and pressing workload. But all that never hinders me to try to have a good time and enjoy this journey in hoping it will be a great start to my resume. I will not blabber so much about what work I did due to office discretion etc but one thing I would love to say is that the people are quite homey. Well most are from Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia and a handful of locals to balance it out. I am glad most of them are very helpful and approachable making my journey in SS a lot easier. I am not so sure how long more I will be serving in SS, but I am sure i will try to stay for a while more for as long as I can survive. But for what its worth, I did have fun through my one year journey at SS even though were were some tough times.

17th August 2014

Almost a year of service and my plate is rather full. Managing several projects by myself, SS had some faith in me and opening up some small opportunities to widen my prospects and job scope, of course guided along the way. I couldn’t possibly do everything by myself. Today, I really feel like I have made it up a step from where I was. The regret of not getting into Uni, well it faded, although not fully but I believe there must be a balance in work experience and education. 

“Your journey will not be the same as others. The route to success is yours to find. No two journey is the same. Keep looking, Keep striving, Keep moving, Andy you will find your way” – AA

Adios Amigos


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