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Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2015

Hey guys! It have been quite some time since I last wrote and I honestly cant say i have a reason for that. Well, one reason I can truly be honest about is that I have been extremely buzy at work, completing all the stacking plans and presentations before the year comes to an end. It is in fact unusually buzy this year end as usually we would already be all laid back and counting down the days to christmas. Well, that on one side, I would like to update you guys that this would be my last post for the year. I do not foresee any major events coming up other than Christmas. So that might just means there might be another Christmas dinner post. Nothing is for sure as yet, but what is for sure is that I will not be in Singapore (as usual) this year end. So do watch out my two Instagram accounts (@aminayub & @cosmosbyaminayub) on my whereabouts and what I will be doing over the New Years Celebrations.

So nuff about the heads-up on whats coming, Today we did a race most of us did not even think we would do; the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2015 or more known as SCMS. We ran as a team completing a total of 42.195km divided unequally across 6 team members at different checkpoints (it requires quite an amount of communication). The race type named ‘Ekiden’ had its origins from Japan. The race that began at 5am at Orchard Road (well I was still sleeping then) was so massive that my first team member did take some time to ‘jog’ from where he was to the starting point. The 300 Ekiden team which started well together with the other full marathon runners was such a large group as seen from his photos that morning.

Well I was the fifth runner, beginning my race at East Coast Park. There was a funny story about what happened when I arrived. Unknowingly after alighting and walking towards ‘my’ checkpoint, I realized that it wasn’t mine (there were 3 checkpoints at East Coast Park, its a very long park as you can see)! It was extremely awkward as it is quite a long walk to my checkpoint, an approximately 7km away. But I was lucky enough, Thank God, there was a cab nearby to zoom me to my right checkpoint. Fortunately it was still in time before my teammate arrive at my checkpoint.

Beginning my approximately 7.5km run at about 8:20am, the sun was already up and shining through the trees at the park. Well that explains my downward spiral as the sun gets harsher, the slower I especially at the super long (endless and terrain-less road) along Fort Road, It was just me, some music and the torturous sun. But all in all, I still did it when I saw the Marina Barrage, That was went I pushed all my might not thinking if I was gonna collapse. I was just concern about finding my teammate. Well, luckily he was attentive and he raced through the Finish Line at 5hrs30sec. The results were not disappointing at all, in fact it was very close to what we have expected!

It was a great race I must say. So proud of us working desk bound every day and yet we managed to find some time to train for the race. Our team, which is made up of all my colleagues who are from Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines and Singapore, the most diverse team you can ever get. Lets just say, we gave the ‘Race As One’ motto a whole new meaning. 

I’m so happy the race is over, its time to go back to my fatty diet, not. I will try to stay fit for as long as I can! I hope see you guys again at the next race perhaps.



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