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SuitSupply – Singapore

The first in SouthEast Asia, featuring limitless amount of personalized suits design and accessories for men. Located in a strategic location, SuitSupply – Founded in Amsterdam in 2000 made its mark in SEA by opening its first boutique at Ion Orchard, Singapore. Working alongside the company’s philosophy of a market defining brand showing off its strong international growth, SuitSupply definitely made a smart move marking its territory in the heart of Singapore.

SuitSupply Singapore which hosted its grand opening private party on September 25th in store for everyone who were involved in making that store opening a success definitely was an amazing event. Filled with drinks and amazing music, familiar faces from the design industry which includes the fashion and interior designers makes the party a lot more engaging. But of course for me, it’s the fashion that makes the loudest noise. After all, Suitsupply is all about being there for the people who wants to be seen.

SuitSupply’s strength lies in its formula – straight to the point and yet personalized, fast and effective, combining craftsmanship with flair. Therefore the SuitSupply Singapore features a wide range of design from classic retro suits to modern elegance look. And to top it all off, is the in house tailor ensuring that your look is sharp and tailored for your body type so that you will always look dapper. The store layout is absolutely amazing with all the suits and accessories are arranged according to looks. They even feature and entire wall of ties. There’s a limitless design of ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, dress shoes, belts and many other accessories for men all in one store. What is even more amazing is the price is rather affordable, targeting patrons starting from those in the mid-range.

Well then, that’s all folks. I really love the shopping experience offered there and as a Interior Designer specializing in Hospitality and Retail, I am very impressed with the circulation layout of the entire boutique. Thus, I suggest you drop by the store and experience it for yourself located at

Ion Orchard 03-15

2 Orchard Turn S238801



I can’t wait to get a new suit from SuitSupply!


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