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SuitSupply is really becoming as a name you frequently hear on this blog, and honestly, it is always a pleasure attending SuitSupply’s events be it just a collection launch party or a private collaborated event with other mens lifestyle brands. So first and foremost, let me express how grateful I am to always be welcomed at SuitSupply. For sure, it is always a pleasure to be there.

Well, I hope you guys are having the weekend of your life now, coz I am sure enjoying this weekend slacking away at home after a super fun night at SuitSupply x Esquire SG, indeed a great start to my weekend.

Suit Up & Navy On, thats the title of the event. As much as you can say that sounds extremely basic, you will surely be surprised to see how many men in Singapore who does not own a navy suit of any kind. Shame on you! Every man need at least one Navy Suit in their wardrobe, and I am not just saying this because of the event. Let me tell you why I think Navy Blue is the go to colour for basic mens suits, and not event Black can cover what Navy Blue can pull off.

Navy Blue is a colour which have for a long time been associated with success, authority worthy men and ofcourse the ultra masculine men. The colour with is the almost extreme dark shade of the primary hue before it hits black have managed to related itself to success, even in water sports like sailing per say (usually related to the more luxurious portion of something). Navy Blue suits can be worn so flexibly that it is almost impossible that it can ever go wrong. Try a Navy suit with a white teeshirt inside for a day out with the boys at the bar. Or try the Navy suit with a mustard vest for a casual lunch meeting? Or you can wear that same Navy for a super formal business meeting, and maybe even throw on an overcoat when making your way to the meeting, and just seal that deal. Just imagine how easy this colour transitions from day to night. Something that not easily achievable with other colours I personally believe.

So enough blabbering about what I think about the colour. Here at SuitSupply, the Editor-in-Chief of Esquire Singapore, Zul Andra, gave a little speech on how easy it is to shop over at SuitSupply and how the layout is easy for the mens way of shopping. In & Out, that is how many would describe how mens shop and that is precisely what Zul Andra was trying to share. Men will not spend hours in a boutique choosing what he wants, instead they should spend the little more time refining what they are getting. And that is made possible with SuitSupply In-House tailoring.

So alongside him at SuitSupply Singapore was Fashion Director of Esquire Singapore, Janie Cai, which presented three (out of the many) looks which you can easily pull off with the Navy suit. Janie shared how easy the Navy suit can be worn throughout a formal day with a tie and loosen it up into the night by removing the tie and unbuttoning a button or two. It really as simple as that, without a doubt you will look dashing. Above are some of the looks she shared, and i must say, she got a sweet personal style going on herself too.

Last but not least, the renowned street style photographer, Nicholas Ng aka Garbagelapsap, shared a few tips on how to get the perfect street style photo for your Instagram. He also mentioned that sometimes it is not really about the accessories you have for the camera, but rather, it is more of the composition and story the photo is able to tell. He also shared four street photos that he took in Seoul and Tokyo during the fashion week. Well thank you for all the tips and all the best for your next tio to Seoul, shooting for their fashion week.

So there you have it, three amazing people from Esquire SG sharing their thoughts about Navy Blue and that it will never go out of style. So head down to the nearest stores and get yourself a copy of Esquire SG Magazine, probably one of the magazines which I can trust on when it comes to mens lifestyle products and selections!

Or alternatively, you can read their articles at Esquire Singapore

Also do head down to SuitSupply Singapore over at


2 Orchard Turn, #03-15 ION Orchard

Singapore 238801

And check out their Instagram pages!

Ciao Bitches!


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