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Hey guys, I hope you have had an awesome January and welcoming February with open arms, I apologise for not being able to write as much as I should as I was indeed trying to get back in tune with my work schedules and the stacking deadlines that are never ending. Well that aside, let visit one of the tallest towers in the Southern Hemisphere, well its there second tallest actually. But is is the tallest tower in Sydney without a doubt.

Standing over 309 meters high (including it spire), the Sydney tower have been known by the locals Westfield Centrepoint Tower or Centrepoint tower is indeed one of the main tourists attraction. Tourist, like me, from all over the world visits the building by well known to us as Sydney Tower Eye to immerse ourselves in the amazing panoramic view of Sydney. The totally unobstructed view from the observation deck (250m above ground) have captured hearts of many when they get the perfect view of the sun setting sight beside the well known Sydney Harbour.

Sydney tower, located strategically in the central business district was built to have a maximum capacity of 960 people (which obviously nobody cares) but bringing this 980 people up to the towers observation deck, restaurant and an event space can be quite a challenge. As you can see, the tower as ha very narrow ‘neck’ and supported by 56 cables to counter the strong winds in the Southern Hemisphere is home to the lift shafts. Whats special about these lifts are that they are all Double-Decked. Sydney Tower is one of the few places in the world which houses a double decked lift. Now you know how they can manage to transport almost a thousand people up and down so quickly and efficiently, 45 seconds per trip to be exact.

The tower which I managed to squeeze my way through security after they closed the entryway as they have met the capacity before the observation deck last entry at 2100hrs, apparently do have a last entry timing. Well, they are Australians after all, if you know what I mean. But Thankfully we did managed to get our way in and as scheduled, just in time for Sunset. I am quite sure you know by now that I am quite a Firework and Sunset/Sunrise (maybe you can call us Sun Chasers) Junkie, especially when I am on vacation. The amazing thing about the Sun setting here in Sydney (unlike the observation deck at Burj Khalifa, Dubai) is that you are able to view the Sunset in the background, have the Sydney Harbour in the foreground AND you can see planes landing perfectly perpendicular to that picture perfect view you have. Something about Sydney that you might want to take note also is that it is one of the cities in the world that parallel plane landing is possible due to the tarmac design and layout. Which is why, there are odds (highly likely) where you will be able to catch two planes flying side by side in preparation to land. That amazing view, I have been to several tall buildings to get wonderful views of the cities, this was just bonus for me!

There have been also a new addition to the tower recently (okey not so recent actually). The Sydney Tower Skywalk was introduced in 2005 and is an outdoor tour from 268 meters above ground. What makes it a lot more interesting is that it is on a glass-floored platform, which was precisely why I did not even think about going for that tour. It is not that I am afraid of heights, but I do have my insecurities when it comes to being in a high vantage point. So maybe if you have tried it, you can share your experience with me?!

And if you have yet to even visit Sydney Tower, well maybe its time. It is an amazing experience being up there and getting a panoramic view of the city both day and night, it cant get any better than that. So go ahead and book you tickets early (I would strongly emphasise EARLY) at the website or address as follows,

100 Market Street

Sydney NSW 2000



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