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Tatum – Style Matters

This blog post which might appear different from most of which I have written previously on my blog is perhaps one of those rare occasions which I attend an event which involves a lot more into what I do for a living as an Interior Designer rather than the usual lifestyle blog post I usually update it with. 

So do bare with me if you find it not your line of expertise but thanks to a friend this blog post is perhaps one out of the many to come, hopefully. It is quite close to several festive seasons so why not increase your knowledge about some ID stuff!

So here we were at the Tatum Spanish Night event. Tatum is an Interior Design studio specializing in commercial and residential design and was established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by a Dutch interior decorator, Gerardine Loggere (above) . A studio which distributes high end European products which includes fabrics, wallpapers, indoor and outdoor furniture’s and their possibilities are limitless. 

The multi-label studio aims to continuously create concepts whereby they combine personal wishes, dreams and ideas into reality by matching out the right brands and special finishes to make what once used to just be a vision, now turns into a tangible product.

Tatum which features Elitis, Pepe Penalver, Lizzo, Romo, Mark Alexander, Kirkby Design just to name a few fabric and wallpaper suppliers they make magic with also features outdoor furniture by Marie’s Corner and Borek. But the best thing about Tatum is that they never stop there, They are all up for new challenges and that they have Brink Light which carries over 200 exclusive lighting brands from all over Europe. And not stopping there, Tatum also carries Barn In The City which is a Amsterdam origin brand which features one special finish product which I call it “glazed” timber. Do look up for their website for more information on how they are able to customize any part of your home from something ordinary into an extraordinary feature.

Well that’s all folks! I hope now you are on the edge of your seats eager to create magic with Tatum!

For any enquiries, do contact them at the following, and I will see you next time!

Tatum Company Pte. Ltd.

29b Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089136



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