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the one

National Service changed me in every way

i have never thought that i will ever be this responsible

never did i ever thought i can have a say

and never did i thought that what i say makes a difference

just a small simple decision i make

can change who the show is being run

of course under the supervision of my superiors

but when they are not around

some one have to take charge

National Service have made me a better man

many might not have known about my love story

i took a dramatic split up in the midst of training

yes emotions did run wild and crazy

everyday seems gloomy but i managed

i learnt how to control it and move on

yes maybe love is what i seek

but if it is not fate – then it will not happen

National Service made me a stronger man

emotionally and physically i have managed to separate my life in two my public and my private of course things that can be shown and some that can’t i have learnt to hide sensitive emotions although most of the time it requires patience and a lot of time and though have to incur simultaneously i still keep a strong face, as if nothing is wrong as if life have never been better for me physically fit – lately have been priority number two although it is keep not at its highest priority i still try to keep an maintain a good shape like they all say in major industries it doesn’t matter how your personality is everyone will judge you from your first impression and what comes first is definitely your appearance.

National Service made me see life clearly what do i do after this two years where am i going and what is my next step i have it all laid out now and now its time to take it step by step and let the plan all roll out as planned

National Service made me gain others trust trust have been something difficult foe me to gain especially when its way back seven years ago and although the independent life in polytechnic have me gained some trust i was still hesitant to fully trust my life on some one else now i can see clearly that one can trust me with their life and i have managed to leave my trust to someone else yes it is still a picky situation – not all can be fully trusted but i have learnt that i can never have time for myself if i don’t learn to give my trust to others and yes, it feels like a whole load of burden is unloaded from the pit of my stomach

National Service gave me time to test market its a big world out there and to see where i stand i put myself as a test subject and see how far i can go by doing certain actions every actions have been perfectly planned and i can already see and roughly gauge the standings after what i have done and even when working in a government service agency is not part of my fifteen year roll out plan working environment would still be the same wherever else i am heading to and i can foresee a better future ahead of me hopefully you will pray for me that i will right

National Service gave me a chance to meet new people this world have a total population of seven billion and no two personality and life is the same i managed to get to know different types of people people who has more than one house in singapore people who drives a car as if he’s riding a bike people who doesn’t know how to go shopping people who lives in their world and nothing else matters people who is only there when you need them people who love to give you problems instead of solving it people who is always by our side when you need them people who cares so much about what i think people who are workaholic people who is a love magnet and the scope get bigger everyday and everyday i meet a interesting new side of them i will never get bored in this place

National Service thought me how to play games they say it sucks being me its like in camp – i am mr know it all and that i have to know every single shit that goes around lest just say this fire fighting gaming system it is still at its amateur stage and hopefully by the time i step out of camp someone else will completely inherit what i know

National Service is like experiencing life in two years full speed ahead but i haven’t regret a single move i did during my service i am three quarter way to the Finnish line lets take it slow and embrace the moment while it still last i know one day i will look back at this time and say ‘i miss days in serve my National Service in camp’

i am the instructor

i am the commander

i am the one



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