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The Returned

Hello guys! I hope all is fine on your side since it have been quite some time since I sat down and actually write. Well okey, there are many moments where I ‘sat down’ just that it was not for writing. I have been away it the mainstream scene for quite a bit just to concentrate in my primary career. I know it is hard to believe, and that everyone thinks its easy to ‘design’. Well first and foremost, thats bullshit! You will never understand design until you meet the client from hell. Yes, I said it, client from HELL. Which comes to my point where I need to prioritise my main source of income.

Speaking of work, well, there have been quite a bit of movements going on and its is rather sad that this is happening. You know, separation os never a joyous occasion unless there is strong sense of hatred in the air. But it seems that I have grown fond of their presence even just by saying ‘good morning’ and ‘goodbye’ every single day. But what you never know, perhaps there are better opportunities that awaits you. I do believe in the saying ‘When a door closes, many others open’. So don’t give up my friends, its only the end beginning of a beautiful journey. The office is gonna be quite different without your presence. 

Which brings up my next point, it have been a while since me and my girls met, when finally, all of us (well all except one) managed to agree to a date for a meet up. I am quite glad it was not postponed just because one couldn’t make it with the fact that we planned it almost a month ahead. Well then, meeting them actually gave me the chance to update their 411. Not that I totally have cut myself out of the group or anything, so much that I have no idea what is going on. But even having a group chat is not so much helping when everyones schedule doesn’t coincide knowing that everyone is doing different things ever since we graduated. Now I know everyone is doing well and happy and that we will be welcoming a new comer within the month makes me happier. A SG50 bundle of joy, what else can be better than an addition to the family. Well I really hope to meet with you girls again real soon. Its been too long, a four hour meet up is not enough.

Since I have been away, yes we did miss several major occasions political and personal. Political such as the recent Singapore General Elections which was in fact my first time ever voting; quite and experience I must say when you have a say in who actually governs the city. We also miss the big 50. Singapore National Day Golden Jubilee Celebration which was a HUGE event all over Singapore, be it official or non official, for me, I just spent time at home watching everything as it was telecasted live on FTA television. Those personal events that you have probably missed is that I was treated by my best friend to watch a movie at the uber-Luxe Cathay Platinum Suite. I always did not want to leave that cinema. That was truly an experience, thanks Nizzy for the surprise then! I also did a short 5km run organised by 2xU. Its one of my shortest run (in fact it was shorter than my first marathon ever at 10km RealRun organised by Home Team), but its a good one, a good practice after a long time of laziness. 

Now you got my 411, and for most who have been wanting to know what is going on with me on twitter over the past few weeks (being much emotional). Yes, I was a little bit blinded by ‘love’ when I found out it was totally one sided. There have been this mixed feeling of thankful (happy) and disappointment at that point which explains all that tweeting frenzy. I am glad thats now over. Now i can concentrate on my new and upcoming projects!

If you have not realise, I have been designing at home, that explains why I am extremely tired. I also have launch my ID website (still a blogger host now though). I am still working on it as the content grows. Do link/hit me up if you want to see any specific reviews be posted up on that site. And if you have any ideas for a Site Name! Please also hit me up! I am currently not buying it so much. Do check it out on the link below.

And that is it from me! Till i see you next time! I really am not so sure when, Perhaps F1 grand prix or perhaps Haj celebrations. We shall see how it goes!



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