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An approximately about two hours drive away from the city of Melbourne stands a collection of limestone stacks known as the 12 Apostles. Located off the shore of Port Campbell, the natural landmark have existed since man probably understood erosion. The apostles formed by erosion and the harsh weather conditions from the Southern Ocean have throughout the years carved out cliffs and caves along the shoreline.

Although quite a number of the stacks have dramatically collapsed over the years, it os definitely interesting that the shape and from of the apostles will never be the same. No two trip to the 12 Apostles will ever be the same, and it will always be like visiting a living site.

The Apostles, which not only continues to be a truly mesmerising tourism site despite the drive to catch a glimpse of the wonderful creation of God, it also give you a sense of place. With a view of the ocean so vast, almost endless, and the wind from the Southern Ocean wakes your senses. It really feels like there is no other better place to be, to be able to sink in the natural sights created by natural occurrences.

I am not gonna bore you with so much texts this time around. So do enjoy some the the photos taken when I was there and do take some time to drop by if you are in Melbourne. It is really a journey worth taking, a possibly refreshing and life changing.

The Twelve Apostles Great Ocean Road, Princetown VIC 3269 Australia


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