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It have been a super interesting year this year and I know that I have not been blogging for quite some time. But even so, I am sure you guys know there have been so much things that have been happening in my life (if not, you gotta keep up guys. follow me on all my social media already!). Yeah blogging do take a little more time and I am sure you know the crazy workaholic person I am.

Well even though work have been taking up most of my time, I’ve managed to squeeze in some time for some active fun with some healthy competition. Well yeah, surely I have other better things to do other than attend boutique launches or a private viewing of the latest collection. Hence, heres a chance for you to see me be a little more active than usual. So we had our friendly inter-company race at KF1 Karting Circuit hosted by the well known brand Geberit (a premium sanitary ware brand which hosts the most grand and amazing inter-company activities yearly) and Sun & Shades (a premium outdoor furniture brand based in Dubai).

Little that I know that there is a crazy racer in me. Driving like a reckless street driver proofs to pay off on the tracks it seems. And even though I settled for Silver (which in fact I am representing my company and it is in the company name – Silverfox), whats for sure was that we did our best and we had a lot of fun. By far the largest trophy I have ever gotten, it was seriously an amazing experience when you can drive as fast as you want without being judged or break any laws (well there are ‘track rules’ but they are not as severed as those on the real road).

Hope you enjoyed the photos. This may or may not be my last post for the year. Depending on the time I have to spare to write again looking at my super tight schedule all thy way till end of January. Once again, congratulations to all the lucky draw and race winner! Will see you again real soon. Ciao.

KF1 Karting Circuit

1 Turf Club Avenue

Singapore 738078


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