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Pressured. That is what I am and have been feeling and yes I am feeling a little better now. Yes I had therapy or more specifically a counsellor to talk to about my situation and what I am really feeling. At first it was really hard to be honest about everything but within a few hours, I’ve gained so much trust in her that I poured out everything and anything, even the deep dark secrets. And from then on, I really felt as if I’ve lifted the weight off my chest. There was even a point where tears were involved but this was what she said, ‘We all cry, weather we show it or not, it does not matter, what matters is that we cry because we want to get better and not because we are weak’. So all this time I was hiding my tears, I feel weak, I just need to see it differently. And thanks to her I am really feeling a lot better and definitely a lot stronger. There is a whole lot more to this but I won’t reveal anything more, after all its supposed to be a private session.

Okey, enough of what happened over the past week, more of what’s next. Check out the Iphone 5s and 5c? I have never been an Iphone man. Not really my thing. Play GTA? Oh come on! How you do you think I am? 18? I don’t fancy games, not at this age at least. Really need to focus on my career, thats my new priority. F1? Ain’t nobody got time for that, its too cliche. Party with the Biebs? Who? RiRi? Hmm, well I don’t feel like it. Its really a good time for me to get closer with my family, gain my confidence, built my armor around me and prepare myself on what’s to come. And what better thing to do that short trips. So i’ve packed my bags and all ready to go and replenish my soul. I really hope by the time i get back, all things negative energy in me will fly out of me. Till i see you when i get back! Au Revoir Bitches!


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